Help! RSS feeds: Can anyone tell me how to set up one?

Help!  I am being held captive by the techno wizards.  I need an RSS or Atom feed to link my blog to my Goodreads account and I am not sure how to do that.  It is asking for the external blog feed URL.  i don’t even know if I have one of those.  I am not at ground zero, but I would not rate myself higher than about a two right now.  Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Sorry to be such a bother. ~ S.K. Nicholls

10 thoughts on “Help! RSS feeds: Can anyone tell me how to set up one?

  1. I went to the WP external feed page and set that up and it gave me a file to download and I went there to get the URL but Goodreads says not valid URL….so I am assuming that I am not doing this correctly.


  2. I had a similar question a few days ago, and submitted it to the WordPress people. I was chided for asking for individual help as you can see from the cut/paste below. What I got was a link to some help and advice to check out the WP forums for future questions:

    You can find out more about RSS in the following article…

    If you’re having a problem with your WordPress site and need help, please submit your question to the official WordPress Support Forums. As much as I’d love to, I can’t provide general WordPress support for everybody. The WordPress support forums however, have been setup just for this purpose.

    I put my tech knowledge at about a 1 1/2. Yet I soldier on! Let me know if this helps!


    1. hahaha…At least you got SOMETHING. I got chided on one of their support boards also. Don’t know why they have to say it like that. They could just as easily say. Here is a link to a form that might be helpful (period),,,rather than going into the can’t individually help everyone….that just sounds like a generic scolding. I appreciate the link Marian, and will go there and see what I can come up with.


    2. Did you see Chris Mc Mullen’s response? He is such the genius. It was so simple, just my site URL followed by the word “feed” and a backslash. People like Chris give me faith in the world at large 🙂


    1. Great!!! Thanks for the info. I feel like a two year old child sometimes trying to figure out such matters as these. My husband is very tech savvy, but he is (probably intentionally) useless with wordpress specifics, and other things of a blogging nature. The little orange icon that you can put on your site for others to click on. Is there anything to do to activate that or is it automatic with wordpress? I was reading an article on another website, but I am so basic that i really don’t understand.


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