Here is my interview with Pamela Beckford

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Name Pamela Beckford
Age Not as old as dirt, but closer than I would like
Where are you from – northern Indiana
A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc
I have never left my hometown, a small rural community in northern Indiana. It was a great place to raise my daughter. Of course, she wasted no time in leaving and moving to a large city. Sigh. I have an adorable five year old grandson. I know everyone says that, but really he is adorable. He actually has done some modelling (it helps that my daughter is a fashion designer and has been able to expose him to many photographers).

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?
I published my third book in July this year. What an exciting adventure this has been.

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?
I started writing poetry about 18 months…

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Book Review: One Way Fare: Null City by Barb Taub

This past week I was thumbing through my Kindle app on my iPhone looking through my TBR list for something to read over the weekend. There is a lovely lady, Barb Taub, whose blog I have followed quite some time. Coincidently, there is a guest post by her today on How to Tell if You’re a Writer here on A Woman’s Wisdom blog.

She has a series out called Null City, and I thought it sounded very interesting, so that’s what I went with. And what fun! There was a tiny bit of “Alice in Wonderland” or maybe “Alice Through the Looking Glass” type of feel to it in the manner in which some of the  ancillary characters are introduced. (Some of my most favorite stories of all times BTW.)

Barb Taub has a way of making you laugh out loud even when she’s not trying to be funny…oh, I don’t know, maybe she is trying, but it comes across so very casually that it sneaks up on you and grabs you in the ribs. I mean what would life be like in Hell if you couldn’t order a Grande Caramel Macchiato, right?

“One Way Fare: Null City Book One” is a contemporary fantasy and it is fantastic. The author’s humor and wit come out in both the character dialogue and the narration. The plot is clever, and convoluted, which made for a very interesting read. There is time travel, (2012, 1972, 1890’s) and history, beyond ancient, the time goes back to the very origin of the universe…what could have, might have occurred, in the realm of heaven and hell. Sounds heavy, but with its modern day references it is a very light and often funny read.

Creatively fascinating, cleverly constructed characters Gaby and Leila, endowed with their own unique talents, are on a mission to save the world, but angels, Watchers and Fallen, have their own Courts, and Gifts and Haven are at war, complicating the mission. Flaws become assets. The supporting characters were just as much fun as the main ones. Perfect touches of romance sweeten the story. Null City is supposed to be a place of refuge but the costs are dear.

The writing is clean and well done. I enjoyed the reading. If you are looking for something that stimulates the imagination and challenges your concept of reality, take an exciting ride on the METRO and explore. I’m looking forward to the next read: “Don’t Touch: Null City Book Two”.

5 of 5 Stars

Two Read Tuesday Opportunities for Readers and Authors


Fast approaching Read Tuesday Time! Authors, do you have books to promote?

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In an effort to promote reading, we will create one post on Tuesdays (not necessarily every Tuesday) from now until the big event on Tuesday, December 9, featuring selected promotions that help to inspire interest in reading.

We will feature:

  • books with special, short-term promotional pricing
  • new releases available for pre-order

Each book featured must:

  • inspire interest in reading
  • be relevant to teens, tweens, or children
  • have content that is parent-approved

(Not what you’re looking for? Scroll down below for the second opportunity, which includes books for adults as well as younger audiences.)

Novels are okay, as long as they are suitable for teens or younger audiences.

This promotion is designed to help parents who are looking for material that may inspire their kids to read.

This promotion is also good for authors who write books that they hope will inspire kids to read.


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Always wanted to write a romance novel?


Got a romance novel on the back burner? Check this out!

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Always wanted to write a romance novel? Well here is your chance. With this amazing contest from Harlequin you now have the opportunity, along with the ultimate author’s publishing prize up for grabs. Check out the information below and then go to the so you think you can write website to join up.

So you think you can write

You can see the itinerary for the Harlequin boot-camp, online conference, events here.

Rules and regulations for the contest can be found here.

Ready to take up the gauntlet? Then click on the image below to join up now. Good luck!

So you think you can write join3

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Sword of Destiny – Anniversary offer

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While I wander the moors on which Sword of Destiny is set this weekend, the book celebrates its first year; a Kindle offer will be running for three days from 12th to 14th September. Sword of Destiny will be available for download for 0.99 during the whole of the promotion.

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US

When I was a child I tramped the moors of Yorkshire with my mother, my grandfather and my great-grandfather. I listened to them weave the tales that brought the landscape to life. Tales of boggarts and barguests,sleeping giants and the Old Ones who walk between the worlds.

They spoke, especially my great-grandparents, with the rich dialect that is being lost, as are many of the old tales. I started writing a story, weaving the legends and the landscape I love into an adventure, preserving them for other eyes to discover in imagination. I…

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How a Novel Can Be Like a Memoir: Guest Blogger SK Nicholls


The lovely Luanne has allowed me to post a guest post on her Writer Site blog. Luanne posts a great deal about memoir writing and memoirs, so this post is about how Red Clay and Roses, a roman a clef, and memoirs compare and contrast.

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I read the novel Red Clay and Roses by blogger S.K. Nicholls. In addition to its engaging, well-told story, the book intrigued me with its historic detail and accuracy.  When S.K. and I discussed the real life story behind the book, I saw that the line between a novel and a nonfiction genre, such as memoir, is not always that well-defined. In this case, thank goodness!

So I asked S.K. to talk about the historical nature of her book, without using any spoilers–and here she is!

By the way, you’re going to want to check out her book for yourself!


The lovely Luanne has invited me here to her very neat and pleasant blog to tell you a little bit about how writing a roman à clef relates to writing a memoir. I’m a little disorganized. I’ll try not to mess things up too much while I’m here.

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Inspiring Spaces Blog Hop: Share What Ignites Your Creativity

This blog hop about writer’s writing spaces was started by Cate Russell-Cole 

The lovely Jade Reyner and the lovely Leigh Michaels tagged me for it. Thanks, Jade and Leigh!


~ where do they work and

~ what can’t they write without?

I’ve posted my writing space before. It’s still a mess. It is a corner of my combination den and dining room. My husband’s desk sits to the left of mine and sometimes we bump rolling chairs when he is home. My doggies are often under the desk, keeping my feet warm.

I have neon lights on above the desk. This one shows a man in a sombrero sitting on a key. It means Siesta Key, where my husband lived as a teen. The pennant is hiding the Miller Light sign under the palm tree to keep my husband from craving a beer.

blog tour writing space 002

While I sit at my desk to write, there is a lot more thinking than writing most days and I sit on the porch to do that. I have a corner of an old ragged wicker sofa where I’m comfortable. I also read out there, often into the night. The towels are there because I am in and out of the pool. Sorry about the brown, straggly palm tree. It was once green and lush. The County Extension Office told me to spray soapy water on it to kill a white fungus that was attacking it. It killed the fungus, but it nearly killed the palm. There is some new growth, so I’m leaving it alone to heal itself.

blog tour writing space 004

This is my view from my spot on the sofa. My tropical garden on the other side of the pool. I call it The Jungle. It inspires me to write regional fiction like the neon palm tree and waves do over my desk. Writing involves a lot of thinking, so I am out here as much as I am at my desk. Thank goodness for ceiling fans. It’s my private oasis in the midst of Orlando and has a twenty foot greenwall and an eight foot privacy fence so I can swim nude. Sometimes, I bring the bird out so I can listen to him sing.

blog tour writing space 005

What I can’t do without? Coffee, lots and lots of coffee. I keep a pot going all day then top it off with an ice cold margarita at night followed by a handful of psychotropic meds. It’s what keeps me sane. The chemical cocktail surging through me from morning till bedtime is surely a significant factor in my capacity for creativity. With my mental disorder, you don’t want to know me 100% sober.

Kevin Brennan

Kate Sparkes

Mishka Jenkins

Susan Marie Molloy

Cynthia Reyes

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A must read if you want your Gravatar to work for you!


I am reblogging this post because I have some new regulars and I would like to be able to follow you back easily. Many don’t know how to set up the gravatar to work for you in this regard. I hope this helps!

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Are you lost in the cyberspace of the blogosphere? Most everybody knows what a Gravatar is, right?  It’s that little image you inserted that tells people who you are. However, if you “like” something on my page, but you have not commented, I have no way to check out your site to see who you are.  (BTW, if I have a lot of likes/comments on something, the notifications box has probably scrolled you away before I had time to check you out, especially if I wasn’t sitting by the computer.Checking archives can be a pain.)

Make it easy for me! We might could become good friends and have a nifty online relationship…if I can find you.

So help me out, if you have not done this already!  I would love to check out your stuff, chances are, if you “liked” mine, I would “like” yours, too.

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Leigh Michaels has a New Release: Lies that Bind: Emma’s Story!


Synopsis:  Ever since that day in grade school, Emma Parker and Kendall Preston have been best friends, with a mutual need to protect each other from harm. But when a secret from their past becomes a secret in their present, a devastating tragedy threatens to tear apart a relationship that they’ve both always believed was bulletproof. Left to pick up the broken pieces by herself, Emma learns that to survive the aftermath, all she has to do is drown the resulting anguish. The only problem is that her coping mechanism might cost her everything. But even if it does, all she wants back is her best friend.

Lies That Bind: Emma’s Story helps shed light on the all-too-common occurrence of abuse by someone familiar, and the PTSD that follows trauma.

You can pick up a copy Here on smashwords, Amazon, Amazon UK, and Nook!