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Where are you going with your words?

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This is wordpress and most everyone on it, (except some visual artists or musicians), blogs words.  I am wondering where all of these words are going to take you.  Where do you want to go with them?  I was looking up some literary terms, thanks to another blogger, and I read the definition of story arc: A story arc is an extended or continuing storyline in episodic storytelling media such as televisioncomic bookscomic stripsboardgamesvideo games, and in some cases, films.

That brought to mind my book’s potential.  I could see it being a two hour television movie, but beyond that there really isn’t a lot of potential that I could see in the way of story arc.  I don’t see a sequel, unless it is solving a cold crime, but certainly not a series.  My murder mystery work in progress is different.  I could see it being a series that would make for a good nighttime crime  drama series.

Where do you suppose your writing could take you?…a T.V. show, an epic film, a video game, made for T.V. movie, a mini-series, a long running series, an adult swim show, a cartoon series, a sit com, a soap opera?  How would you classify your words if they went visual through another media? Would you want that or would you want your words to remain forever locked in the imaginations of your readers?  Would you want to be involved in the screen play writing?  Don’t be modest.  Be grandiose for just a minute and imagine.  What are your thoughts?

Emotional Inspiration


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“Put a voice in your hurt and give your tears a sound”

So very often I read an article written by someone who has suffered an angry moment, a pain or a loss.

I wonder sometimes if these people are crying tears as they write their words.  Sometimes I am deeply moved even to the point of tears myself.  Writing and reading can be so very therapeutic.   The therapists at a facility where I was employed as a nurse would have their patients write every day.  They also had required reading assignments.  Writing is cathartic and reading is distracting in a good way.

Some of the very best, most passionate writing I have ever read came from these clients most often while the instigating event was fresh in their minds.  These are very often the folk with the most powerful voice.   I am fortunate to have had these people share their work with me.  It has aided both my understanding and my capacity for empathy.