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To Kiss a Ghost by Becky M. Pourchot

After reading the first book, Food for a Hungry Ghost,  I was intrigued by Gala’s gift and trying to decide if it was truly a gift or a curse. The second book delves deeper into the origin of her abilities and her brother’s talents, as well.

After meeting an awkward, clumsy ghost in a local Inn, and falling for another ghost she spots in her acupuncturist’s clinic, Gala learns her “assignment” is much more important than simply entertaining the local ghost hunting tourists.

This book was slower in pace than the first book, but a lot deeper, and a little longer. The ending surprised me in a good way and I learned her ability truly was a gift.

This is a well-written book that approaches spirituality in a secular manner. I enjoyed it and would recommend it for any pre-teen, teen or adult who likes a good modern ghost story without the bloody terror of horror.

5 of 5 Stars


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