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Sunday Synopsis

I have been in a funk all week.  Really, it has been about a month and while I know the two primary causes for most of this lowness in my life, I haven’t been able to resolve them to my satisfaction, so I remain in a funk.

This week, I am going into a saltwater sensory deprivation chamber.  Not because of the funk…with that, I am sort of already there.  There is a company called Total Zen Float here in Orlando.  From what I have learned, “floating” is the “in” thing.  Now, I know what’s “in” is “out”, so they say, but this is new to me, so it’s “in”.  I know that sensory deprivation doesn’t sound exciting, but it is relaxing and as busy as I have been this past month (mostly spinning my wheels, I’ll add) I need relaxing.  My daughter wanted to give me an interesting and different birthday present so she is giving me hours “floating”.  It’s right up there with Migun bed, hot yoga, and salt cave.  Not as mundane as massage, pedicure and manicure.  So I have this new experience to look forward to enjoying.

I have always been a, “Try anything once,” thrill seeker…I have just gotten too old for some of the more actively exciting stuff.  I used to float on my back and gaze at the stars for hours in the pool at Cypress Cove.  The pool guy would come by and check on me every thirty minutes, or so, just to make sure I was okay because I floated still (and nude) on my back for hours staring at the stars, and contemplating the greater aspects of the universe.  Here, there are not even any stars:

I am no longer doing Sunday Summations, because it was becoming a chore and I hate chores.  Life is too short.  I want it all to be fun.  That’s why I retired early, to have fun while I still could.

I love writing, and I have been doing a lot of writing but not on my blog or the CSB.  Also, I have put my WIP on hold.  I am not abandoning it.  I have this story that has been in my head a very long many years.  I want to execute it properly, but first, I need to pound it out…just rough out the story and stop trying to make it fit into a box.  That’s the only way I can explain it. I’ll do it at my own pace, even if it takes me years. No pressure.

I hope you had a terrific weekend and your work week is even finer if you work, and is as productive or nonproductive as you desire if you don’t.