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Pool is Open!

The pool finally hit the 86 degree mark, which is the coolest temperature I can tolerate. The chemicals are all balanced; it is clean, and ready to dive into. Two years ago I lost thirty pounds swimming every day. I would swim laps back and forth across the pool for thirty minutes to an hour and a half…weekends included. We don’t skinny dip…we chunky dunk.

pool 002

Last year I had a bout with frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis. It was too painful to swim and I spent the summer in physical therapy. I also gained back ten of the thirty pounds I had lost.

My eating habits and food choices are good, but psychotropic meds and sedentary lifestyle don’t help. I use a glycemic index diet. It is a bit stricter than Atkins in some ways, but more lenient in others. You can have carbs, but they must meet 55 or less on the glycemic index (unless they have an extremely high nutrient content, like sweet potatoes and watermelon). I have used it so long that I know now what is allowed and disallowed, so it is easy to follow.

Almost all writers are plagued by sedentary lifestyle. During the winter and early spring, I was seated at the computer most all day, and into the night. I have decided to ride my bike to the produce market once or twice each week. It is too hot to walk.

We sold our treadmill and stationary bikes. They were taking up too much room and were not being put to use…despite being under the air-conditioning.

I do a significant amount of housework and gardening, which keeps me moving, but probably doesn’t burn off the calories that I would like to burn. I can’t deny that I am a bit lazy when it comes to workout routine discipline, but I do enjoy swimming.

What are you doing to stay in shape this season? Many Florida homes have pools.

Do you have a gym nearby?

Wish me luck!