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Went to Bed Happy Because I Screwed Up

Red Clay and Roses

Sometimes I go to bed happy just because I screwed. This time I screwed up.

It’s not the meds or the bipolar. Allow me to explain.

I am a little more than annoyed with myself. I screwed up a Memorial Day promo. I had a promo scheduled for Memorial Day weekend for Red Clay and Roses priced at 99 cents through ENT.

It would have been a great promo with everybody having a three and four day weekend. Lots of book shopping and reading time. But I screwed it up. I didn’t change the price. I still had it at $3.99.

This is what they wrote me back when I asked why there was nothing happening with the book. “Nothing is happening because we didn’t post your book on Saturday. It was at the regular price, and as of today, still is at the regular price.”

So they didn’t list me. My fault. My bad.

I wrote them two letters of apology and asked them to reschedule. Never heard a word. Changed the price download (1)to 99 cents and still never heard a word.

Waited. Nothing.

Then books started moving of their own accord. With no promo.  About half as many as I moved through my last promo over two days. It broke ten thousand in one day.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #7,324 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store) and went back onto three category listings.

I haven’t advertised this anywhere. Not my blog. Not Facebook. Nowhere.

Just so you know. I have changed it to 99 cents. HAPPY Belated MEMORIAL DAY!

I may just leave it at 99 cents. I haven’t decided yet. It’s a debut novel.

I have to PAY for promos. I’m sure it’s gotten exposure. But is it necessary every time you do a sale?

Should I ever reset to $3.99? What do you think? I only sold 4 books in May at $3.99. I sold 104 at 99 cents in one day!

If I do reset to $3.99 again, I am also thinking seriously about leaving it on Amazon and pulling it from other platforms through smashwords as it primarily sales though Amazon and I can’t list it in Countdowns not being Select.