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The Day After

Thought I would drop a line or two about my promo results.

Moved from somewhere above 500,000 in ranking to #6100, and made it onto three Top 100 categories, but that’s not saying much…and I don’t think improved rankings have ever sold books for me.

Actually sold 58 books, which is better that my last promo, however, I paid Book Gorilla $50.00 for the promo.

That was 18 books more than my last ENT promo, yeppers, I think the days of 200-400 per promo are over.

@ 35% royalty, that comes to $20.10, which means I went in the red $29.90.

On a positive note: Fifty-eight people might read my book. 🙂

I’m really about over the whole marketing scene for this book. I think it’s just going to have to sit there until and unless someone happens upon it or wants to see something else I’ve written after more books are published. I do have an interview coming up, but I have a hard time getting tremendously excited about those. They often net me a reader or two.


How to deal with it? The only answer is writing more books. To that ends, I have decided to go ahead and publish Naked Alliances. It got the approval of ten out of twelve beta readers. I have a new editor with an established reputation in the genre, who likes the sound of the story as I described it to him. Now, it’s just a matter of getting the Synopsis ready for him. He should complete it in September. Depending on how much work it requires, I might be able to release before the end of the year.

And The Conduit is coming together for me. So, there’s that to look forward to next year.

Promo Results

I always like to put up a little note after a promo to let folk know what’s working and what’s not.

Ereader News Today has always been good to me. I have sold between 100 and 400 books each time I have done a promo with them. I have done four promos.

A few things have changed since my last promo in July:

The way Ereader News Today works, they post to their site, which only brings a few sales, then the  books get posted to their Facebook followers of which they have nearly half a million. That’s when the real sales start kicking in.

For one thing, Facebook has started limiting newsfeeds to those people who “like” or “comment” on posts frequently. Others remain in the background unless you visit their page. You’ll not see everything from pages you have “liked” unless you respond to the posts regularly.

So those half a million followers from ENT are a dribble compared to what they used to be. That’s why ENT is begging people to “like” or “comment” on their posts all the time. They want to be seen.

The other thing is Kindle Unlimited. And not JUST Kindle unlimited. There are quadzillion little sites posting free and bargain books all over the net. Kindle Unlimited has taken a significant number of folk who are regular readers and given them an opportunity to keep plenty of books on hand, so those people aren’t browsing for books in other places so much anymore.

Bottom line: This promo fared worse than any I have done in the year I have been doing them.

Though I managed to get onto three best sellers lists, I only sold 44 books on that first day. That was a shock. I have sold that many before just moving the book to 99 cents without doing ENT.

Yesterday, I moved 7 books with the Read Tuesday promo going on. So, just over 50 for the two days.

But, I sold books! I have new readers. Yay!!!

It would be wonderful if they all wrote a quick review!

Mildly disappointed in results though, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that.

BTW, ENT is working on improving exposure. They have been posting on Facebook to all of their followers to join up for receiving promos directly to your inbox like BookBub does. Subscribers will get instant daily emails to tell them about books they might be interested in. If you are a reader, be sure to subscribe. I think, ultimately, they will be as formidable as BookBub and not nearly as expensive. 

There is a new five star review on the page. Thanks for that! (Bit of a spoiler, but nice to know the reader liked the story.) Also, a very good example of how different readers take away different things from the writing.

Working quietly on a few new projects, and Naked Alliances is sitting still. I’m about halfway finished with the editing.

Red Clay and Roses will remain at 99 cents until Sunday, December 14th.

Promo Update

This is a quick update to how our promotional with ENT went over the past couple of days.

As you can see, we did fairly well bringing Red Clay and Roses from #300K (something) to #2,210.

#2,210 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

It never lasts too long before it starts climbing, because without the immediate exposure we start climbing pretty fast. Right now we are at #5,180.

What does this mean for The Russell Home?

Since January 1st, with one major promo in February which got us up to #1600 and the sales that have occurred between January and now, we have matched sales to come up with a check for $554.23 which will be mailed to them on Thursday, July 17th, along with a letter per their request. In the future they will receive a quarterly check, but this brings us up to date for 2014. These are sales minus what Amazon and Ereader News Today take as percent.

Thank you all for your support!

The price will remain 99 cents through Saturday and goes back to $3.99 on Sunday, July 13th.

Remember…reviews are always welcome!

Sunday Synopsis

This past week:

  • Ten more books delivered to bookstores in tornado weather. Already had one bookstore notify me that they sold two copies and would like two more. I am glad, but with the price of gas and dealing with traffic, this whole self-distributor thing sucks. Two books at a time and they won’t buy more in bulk. (One store buys four.)
  • Mailed off Goodreads Giveaway copies to United Kingdom and Canada…$72.60 to send registered so I can track both for delivery. That’s a lot of money to simply give away. Plus the Amazon Gift Certificates…geez…there went all the promo money earned. Do you ever really do more than break even?
  • Decided writing a book is more fun than marketing or selling/distributing books.
  • Cleaned house. Sprayed weeds. Still don’t have pool chemicals balanced.
  • About the tweets. Learned to check analytic stats.  I thought the tweets were selling books, but NOT ONE of my book tweets has been clicked through via the URL. I guess they are selling WOM from others who bought through promo and such. Of course, that has almost come to halt. Selling one or two every day or two.
  • Also, about tweeting: It says in my profile that I am a supporter of liberal causes. What do people think that means? They follow me, then, on those days when I mention anything about abortion, prochoice, or gay rights…on those days…I get unfollowed. As many as 4-10 unfollows in one day. Granted, 4-6 will follow on those days. I am also followed by a lot of bail bondsmen. Not sure what that means. People are weird.
  • I participated in my first Meal Train. That was fun. Young lady in a third floor apartment that had a C-section. Beautiful baby girl.
  • Had grandkids and daughter over for a day. My grandson hates me. Screams almost every time I touch him, unless his mom is right there. Major separation anxiety!
Grandson looks like his mother where his sister looks like her father. Yes, those are dog toys he is playing with. he refuses to play with baby toys and likes to harass the dogs. He had been crawling around on the back porch in his pJs and would not let me finish dressing him.
Grandson looks like his mother where his sister looks like her father. Yes, those are dog toys he is playing with. He refuses to play with baby toys and likes to harass the dogs. He had been crawling around on the back porch in his PJs and would not let me finish dressing him.

This week:

  • It took me from April 2012 through July 2012 to write the first draft of Red Clay and Roses. I was totally dedicated to it and did not have a blog or any marketing going on. I was not working at all outside the home. I don’t watch TV or much of anything else…like playing games. I have got to get focused on my writing if I want to produce anything else.
  • Next point: I have a post that I am planning for tomorrow…beyond that; I am seriously contemplating an extended social media hiatus. A few weeks without blogging unless something just must be put out there. Occasionally reading when I need a break from writing. No every day comments…just lurking around from time to time. I know it sounds selfish. You guys are my world. I don’t work outside the home much, but I have some wellness screenings to do around the end of March. I consider YOU my coworkers and will miss you sorely. I hope you will all be here when I get back. I am afraid if I don’t commit to my writing much deeper than I have…this project will take much longer than I hoped. I wish I was as good of a multi-tasker as I was when I was nursing full-time, but I am not. I want to get done with this first draft and I am terribly distracted.
  • I will still do any promo pieces I am planning.
  • I have forty books on my reader, and 20 more that I want to purchase. I want to get more reading done, so I will post a book review from time to time.
  • I have a major art fair coming up in April. I have got to finish my jewelry pieces.
  • Also, with the time change…my gardening and yard work demand so much attention…okay, so much for excuses.
  • It is too bad that social media is such a time drain. After a few weeks, I will revisit my writing progress, and see how much social media I can resume. I don’t have a clue how you guys can turn out book after book, work full time jobs, manage a family and all at the same time. I think you are amazing and I applaud you! I am far from lazy. I stay immensely busy. I have to blame it on old age creeping up on me. My brain does not hold or process information like it once did.
  • Now that I have told you that I plan to abandon you, may I ask if I can call on you from time to time? I am certain that I will need to.

Why do I feel like we’re breaking up?  I still love you!

Book Giveaway: Red Clay and Roses

As a promotional, in preparation for my upcoming    Ebook Jpg (2)

paperback POD version, I am giving away up to

ten copies of Red Clay and Roses eversion for those who

are interested before July 14th.  You can email me at

redclayandroses1@gmail.com for the promo coupon code.

Thanks in advance for your support!

I would greatly appreciate any reblogs!

Set in the Deep South during a period of civil unrest, Red Clay and Roses is a fictional account of a true story.  The discovery of an old ledger opens a window into life in a time when women were supposed to keep quiet and serve, abortion was illegal, adoption difficult, and racism rampant.

Mystery, rape, murder, drama, and forbidden love meld as the origin of the ledger unfolds.  Sybil reveals that she was an unconventional, independent, high spirited young white woman in the 1950s-60s in a world that belonged to the white man.

Sybil defies the norm to open her own business.  She becomes the love interest of Nathan, an African-American man, in a summer romance that leaves her mournful.  Nathan is a medical student whose father is employed as handyman to The Good Doctor. Nathan’s sister is missing.  He cannot know why.

Nathan becomes directly involved in the Civil Rights Movement and Sybil is torn between living the mundane life of her peers or a life that involves fastening herself to a taboo relationship.  The seeds of prejudice have been sown by a society that seethed with bigotry.

“Nicholls has a distinct and powerful voice…steeped in history this novel deeply penetrates the surface of a complex era providing a rich and full-bodied reading experience.”

~ Sammie Vittoria, Library Media Specialist

“This is no ordinary fluffy romance novel. This book has substance.”

~ Roseendhar Dasilma, R.N., BSN

There is also a paperback print on demand version on the way!  I am very excited about it.  It can’t happen fast enough for me:


Susan Koone Nicholls is an R.N. who lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Greg.  She was born, raised and educated in Georgia, where she also raised her family.  She has three children, a step-son, and two grandchildren.  Orphaned from her mother at an early age, she spent time in foster care and in a children’s group home in the North Georgia Mountains, The Ethyl Harpst Home.

S. K. Nicholls

AVAILABLE FROM YOUR FAVORITE EBOOKSELLER:  Amazon iTunes,Barnes and Noble,  etc…, or you may purchase a copy on smashwords for $4.99 in a variety of  formats, including ePub for your iPad or other reader, a Kindle version,  and a pdf version for your computer if you don’t have an ereader device; (a free sample is available).  The book will remain at $2.99 on Amazon while the paperback is being prepared.   The paperback POD will be available from Amazon for $14.99 soon.

You may reach her at redclayandroses1@gmail.com


5.0 out of 5 stars Good Discussion Book June 12, 2013

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
What a powerful voice! A well written, engaging story of women’s history, civil rights, racial tension and the dilemmas of an interracial romance in the 1950’s. I want my daughter to read this. I was captured on the very first page. This new author handles sensitive issues with dignity and respect. Nicholl’s demonstrates the sacrifices real people made to assure us our freedom and rights under the law in a very realistic drama. Red Clay and Roses is definitely going on my student’s fiction reading list. I can see this novel opening up some good discussion. Good Job You!

5.0 out of 5 stars Could Not Put It Down May 30, 2013

By Barbara C Martin

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

I don’t have a lot of spare time to read. When I picked up this book, I suddenly found the time. I could not put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone. You will be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy. I look forward to Mrs. Nicholls next book, can’t wait!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Red Clay and Roses May 22, 2013

By nan sief

Format:Kindle Edition

Red Clay and Roses is a memorable account of the dramatic triumph and tragedy of a woman and a man,- of love and life in the South, couldn’t put it down. A MUST READ!! This new book has appeal for men and women of all ages.

 5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating Book! May 21, 2013

By Linda Weese

Format:Kindle Edition

This story is a mix of mystery, murder, drama and forbidden love. Each chapter makes you want to read the next. I read many books. This one evoked deep feelings within me as women face these same challenges today.

5 out of 5 stars  Historical Fiction from the American South

By justanothersoul-Apr 9, 2013


An interracial romance with murder and racial tension galore!  Add to this an illegal abortionist and you have quite a story!