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Blog Tour: Love Aflame by Pamela Beckford

Pamela Beckford publishes her 3rd solo poetry collection. Using various poetic forms she illustrates how love can set the heart on fire but also shows how that same love can turn to ashes. Poetry is an expression from deep within the soul. It can be therapeutic and healing. It can bring out all the best or the worst in life. Her poetry comes from the heart, not the head. It is an outpouring of emotion and she exposes it to the reader in the pages. She leaves a piece of her soul in every poem
Reviewers have said things like:
“Pamela’s poems are refreshing since they are truly written from the heart. She has a gift of writing a poem that speaks to each person’s heart and emotions.”
“Breathtaking. That singular word – breathtaking – is the best one-word description of “Dreams of Love” by Pamela Beckford that kept coming to mind as I lingered within the pages.”

“These are not just words strung together in forms. Somehow she manages to share huge and deep emotions with two words – or one. ”
“Pamela’s poetry is diverse and creative. Lyrical without self-conscious fluff. Quiet confidence in her abilities with the various forms.”

Pamela Beckford has been writing poetry for about two years. She began writing with the encouragement of a couple of friends and has found that it has taken over her mind. She is a nonprofit CEO and enjoys reading with children on a regular basis, as well as her own reading. She lives in northern Indiana where she devotes her life to others through her job and her family.

Book Tour Poetry: Love: Lost and Found by Pamela Beckford

Alone (double cinquain)

So incomplete
Gazing at the moonlight
Wondering just when you’ll be here
With me
To start our lives
Never to leave again
Becoming whole and not just half
As one

Pamela has written a second collection of love poems. Poetry is an expression from deep within the soul. It can be therapeutic and healing. It can bring out all the best or the worst in life. Her poetry comes from the heart, not the head. It is an outpouring of emotion and she exposes it to the reader in the pages. Love: Lost and Found contains over 90 poems representing over a dozen different forms of poetry. The poems span the angst and despair of love lost to the exhilaration and ecstasy of a deep abiding love.

Love: Lost and Found has already received a five star review that says

“Pamela Beckford writes with her heart as much as her mind. She makes me feel things when I read her work that usually stay buried beneath the surface. Her way of expressing emotions that usually aren’t captured for later evaluation is amazing.

I also enjoy that she uses a lot of different styles and forms of poetry in her collections, making the book varied and interesting. Some are shorter and some longer, but all of them carefully constructed. Her ability to say so much in so few words is a indication of her talent as a writer.

If you are looking for an excellent poetry book, look no further.”

Pamela’s other books have also garnered some great reviews and both are available on Kindle or paperback as well.

Season of Love (tanka)

First there is summer,
Followed by fall, winter, spring
But lest we forget
The season of love appears
Bringing hope for all lost souls

Book Review: Dreams of Love: A Poetry Collection by Pamela

Pamela has written a poetry book or two. I haven’t read the second collection she wrote in collaboration with Kirsten, but I have read “Dreams of Love”.


Pamela’s debut poetry collection is themed around the many facets of love and the intimacies of dreams and longing. You can feel the emotion and tension with each carefully placed syllable. The rhythm and words will make your heart dance with the pleasure and weep with the pain to be found in loving. Some are freehand and some are set in specific styles which she explains. I appreciated all of them, but was particularly fond of “True Love” and “Dreams”. Pamela has bared her soul and exposed to us a deeply loving and caring spirit. I highly recommend this lovely little collection of poems. ~ 5 Stars

You may purchase a copy for 99 cents here on Amazon.

You can find Pamela here at Year ‘Round Thanksgiving Project.

You can find her poetry blog here at Poetry by Pamela. 

No matter how candid or honest we are, we all have an online persona that is somewhat removed from our real life existence. You read the voice in the words I write, but you cannot possibly know my deepest, darkest secrets, my character defects, my many aspirations, or my dreams. Even if I share them with you in my words, you only know what I tell you or show you.

I don’t usually review poetry collections on this blog, as I feel poetry a deeply personal expression and experience, but I made an exception.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with this most special blogger and friend named Pamela while she was on a Florida vacation. I was shy, scared, nervous, embarrassed. With all of my insecurities, I wondered; What if she doesn’t like me? Will she think I’m fat and thus unhealthy? Should I dress up or dress down? Does she care if I am in a dress or pants? Does my hair look okay? Am I wearing too much make up? Not enough? What if I say something stupid? What if she bites? I suffer from anxiety disorder. What else can I say?

It would have probably only mattered had I shown up wearing my pajamas, or naked.

By meeting in person, I felt like I was baring my soul, somehow exposed, in a way that I am protected from online. Much like the poet does when writing. I know it sounds silly, but that’s where I was.

Long story short, she was adorable. She didn’t even bite me. Probably cared less what I looked like. We chatted over lunch. She put my anxieties to rest.  It was fascinating to see an online persona animated and alive, complete with subtle personality nuances, generosity, hugs, a smile and a twinkle in her eyes. She is charming, witty, and loving. (She talks about wine, but I was the one actually drinking it at midday.)

She is a sweetheart. It was a very nice visit, and I wished we had more time together.

Pamela and I at the Dali with our dollies.
Pamela and I at the Dali with our dollies.

Pamela B. and Kirsten A. have teamed up with another poetry collection call “Voices of Nature” which you can purchase here on Amazon.


Dreams of Love by Pamela Blog Tour


Description: Poetry is an expression from deep within the soul. It can be therapeutic and healing. It can bring out all the best or the worst in life. Her poetry comes from the heart, not the head. It is an outpouring of emotion and she exposes it to reader in the pages.

Various poetry forms are explored: free verse, tanka (5-7-5-7-7), doidotsu (7-7-7-5) and etheree (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10).

Dreams of Love

Dreams of you and me
Together in ev’ry way
Your lips pressed to mine
Assuring me of your love
Dreams of love eternally

Purchase here!

pamelaPamela began writing poetry in just the last year. She is a nonprofit executive by day and spends her hours trying to be sure that everyone has a chance for a good life. Pamela is passionate about her job and it spills over into her writing. Dreams of Love is her debut poetry collection. Pamela feels that poetry can be very personal but invites you into her soul as you read her poems.

Visit the Author!

Poetry by Pamela
Year ‘Round Thanksgiving Project

Uncle Charlie Trashcan


Sketch by N. Wilcox at deviantart

The lines on this face drawn by an artist’s hand, forged by a subject’s soul

Tell the stories of a man once young grown old

Homeless, not knowing from where he came nor where he is going to land

Living his life according to no one’s plans

There was an old man in my childhood whom I will never forget.  My mother helped me to remember.  She wrote a story about him that got published in the LaGrange Daily News.  He became rather famous whether he wanted to be or not.

This old man lived in The Heart of LaGrange Hotel that sat in the middle of the “Y” intersection where Hines Street met Hill Street just up the road from where we lived.  He was not totally homeless, but he might as well have been.  I was no more than about five or six years old.  My older sister and I would see him coming up the sidewalk pulling his little red wagon.

coke-bottle_chronology1When we saw him, we knew it was time to run in the house and gather all of the glass soda bottles.  Back then they were worth 10 cents apiece.  A few dollars could easily be made off of generous children.  The store on the other end of the street collected them for recycling with more soda.  We could have exchanged them or sold them ourselves, but Mama had a purpose.

She died when I was eight years old and there are so many things about her character, like the character in the man’s face in the sketch above, that I will always remember.  His lines came from years of sorrow and joy.  Her altruistic compassions came from a giving heart.   She intuitively knew that we had nothing to fear from this old man.

He would come by in the morning to collect the bottles that we readily shared, and come back in the evening with a handful of pecans that he had collected along his way to share with us.  He told us outlandish stories as we sat on the roots of the ancient oak by the street.  We listened with eager ears.

I asked him one day what his name was and he told me, “People call me Uncle Charlie Trashcan.”

“What is your real name?” I wanted to know.

“I don’t know.  My father wrote it down on a corn shuck and the cow ate it before I learned to read,” came his reply.

One day some preteens and teenagers jumped him and beat him up.  They left him in the bushes for dead.  His lunch box was smashed.  His wagon was stolen.  My mother found him on a walk.  She brought him in the house and cleaned him up.  He had a bath while she washed his tattered clothes and she bandaged his wounds.  He told us stories while his clothes dried.  She fed him dinner at the table with us.   She packed him a lunch for the next day in a shiny new metal lunchbox with a coffee thermos.  He seemed so very proud when he waved his good-byes that evening.images (4)

Mama’s article in the paper produced a new wagon and he got some much needed social services and quite a bit of fame.  That did not stop him from pulling his red wagon up the sidewalk to gather soda bottles, or from bringing us handfuls of pecans in the evening.  It did not stop the storytelling or the smiles that made more lines on his face.

Nurse’s Notes








but I

feel I

can tell

you, that I

have often

found some

of the most



things in

life quite

often do

occur quite

by chance.

For the most

part, all of

these  were

written years ago.

When they were,

there was always

a song playing

in the back

of my mind.

I could not

share the song.


as much as I wanted to,

I never learned how to read or write music, but I feel it.

I don’t sing very often or very well.

I write

books now.

Though some of my writings,

even in books,

are lyrical


Some are blues.

Some are rock.

Some are psychotic headbeats

louder than my own heart!

These are my “Nurse’s Notes”.

~ S. K. Nicholls 1984

Soul Cycle

Fields of amber swaying in the breeze
At a child’s eye height memory of tops dancing
How fast it grew being knee high in spring
Summer passed so quickly gone
Did not see it growing there so green
So long and lush blooming in a blink
Topped out rustling fruits brushing
Against one another sun parched
Wrinkles out its seeds withering
In the heat with age fading soul
Turns gray and returns to earth
Barren deceivingly so for a season
Peeps its offspring through the frost
Green tendrils seeking for a glimpse of sun
For the sake of repeating itself in
Fields of amber swaying in the breeze

~ S. K. Nicholls 1986

Photo by Miriadna.com