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CreateSpace and Me: Bummed


I am suffering the complete loss or absence of hope.  I have already made a post about my anguish with CreateSpace.  This is another rant but it will be brief.

There was a rather prestigious contest that a reader’s group paid an entry fee for to nominate my book, “Red Clay and Roses”.  My only responsibility was to get four proof copies of the paperback to the contest judges by October 1st, and that won’t be possible.  Today, CreateSpace informed me that my proof copy will be shipped in five days.  Count the days.  Not going to be a possibility to get the proofs and get them FedEx’d to the judges by October 1st.   Needless to say, I am more than sorely disappointed.  I have failed.

I first started with CreateSpace on June 6th.  This process has taken entirely too long.  I wouldn’t be so upset if it had not taken three weeks for CreateSpace to get around to giving my book ANY attention.  I know my revisions were part of the problem, but again, if they did not make their process so very time consuming…well, enough.  I am happy that there is a service that provides POD to self-published authors.  Who’s to say my book would have won the contest anyway?  I am just nettled that my horse broke his leg coming out of the starting gate.