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Beta Readers: The Force Thanks You, I Thank You


Waiting is hard! So far, I have beaten every level in Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Space, (about 600 levels) including bonus levels, except for one. I can’t get three stars on Cloud City level 29. (If anybody knows how to beat it with three stars, drop me an email.) I have retrieved all of the golden eggs, and completed all of the eggbirds. Of course, when I get stuck I rely on the rocket scientist, so I have cheated a bit.

That’s what I do when I’m not writing or reading. Play with my animated friends. I’m lost in deep cyberspace somewhere out in the universe.

I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not writing or editing or something to do with writing. I have completed two more vague outlines for future books and a lot of where I go with those will depend on where my beta readers desire to go. And whether they decide to go anywhere at all. The hardest part is waiting.

One beta reader is done and she loved the story. Did some jam up good editing with a keen eye.

Another beta reader is giving me an in-depth and thorough deep read for content editing. He’s close to the end. We’ve made lots of progress. I know there is more to come.

I plan to do a future post on just how helpful beta reads are when we are all done. Invaluable!

I have seven more lined up and am just starting to get some feedback. That’s totally awesome! I’m nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. I feel like the nerdy guy who has just decided to ask the pretty girl to the prom.

Beta readers really rock! To give your story time and attention, when life places so many demands on them, well, it just goes to show how wonderful the world is that we live in. I can’t thank them all enough. I would do the same for them and they know it, but I feel like I could send them winning lottery tickets and it still wouldn’t be enough.

So, thanks guys and girls, for your time and attention, for your brain energy and willingness to help.

You are deeply appreciated.