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White Wolf in My Dream

I stopped trying to interpret dreams many years ago. When I studied religions, I also studied dreaming. (Psychology, sociology, political science and a host of other inter and intra personal relations.)images

The spiritual symbolism of the white wolf goes back eons. For a wolf or wolves to appear in a person’s dream we can learn about our subconscious. “From singular or family groups, we can learn about the nature of the dreamer or people that the dreamer is connected to in their life. It can also reveal information pertaining to their spiritual growth and internal changes such as emotional growth, decisions surrounding personal relationships or even career goals.”

Last night, around 2 am, I was dreaming. I don’t often dream. My meds knock me out and my mind goes blank. I may be dreaming, but I am not aware.

38a795fa605d27d38620603422ebec2cMy dream involved my characters in a book I am editing and I can’t recall much about it. In an instant, an aggressive white wolf image was up close, his face in my face. It startled me and I jerked to jump two feet off the bed. My heart was racing and the fight or flight response kicked in. I was scared! More like a flash of nightmare than dream.

Of course, as soon as I opened my eyes, it was gone. That didn’t take but a second. The ordeal was short lived, but quite impressive.

This morning, with the internet at my fingertips, I found this really neat article on wolf dreams by Debbie Edwards, a psychologist.

WOLVES in Dreams – Meanings and Interpretations

I like the way Ms. Edwards lays it out on her page.

  1. Wolves are surrounded by notions of mysticism, magic and folklore.
  2. Color: black, gray, white , red.
  3. Lone or Group.
  4. Behavior: timid, aggressive, protective, playful, sleeping, invisible.
  5. Environment: day or night, clear skies or storms, stars and moon

Here is how my dream interprets:

Regarding the dreamer: A white wolf can represent someone or something that is directly influenced by spiritual communication or teachings. Someone that would be very knowledgeable or connected spiritually could be represented by a white wolf. It can also represent the purity of a message that is delivered by a spiritual presence. It can also represent someone who is pursuing a stronger connection to their faith, spiritual practices or ceremonial activities.

[One thing in my book I have been trying to do in my writing is offer insights in the narrative. I’m also trying to develop more of a spiritual connection to my characters. My alpha reader is giving me guidance.] 

The lone wolf: If a wolf appears to the dreamer without the company of his or her pack, it is important to pay attention to a specific person or situation that is relevant to the dreamer which would describe more of an isolated or detailed situation or person.

[I am still processing the alpha reader’s impression of my book and its characters. He has been giving me examples over the last few days.]

Aggressive- An aggressive wolf can represent defensive postures or fear based movements in life. Is the dreamer feeling under attack by someone or others? Is there an aggressive person in their life who is trying to intimidate them?

[I’ll say. I’m defending my baby.]

Night or day- A wolf appearing at night will reveal things either hidden in the subconscious or things that may not be “visible” in the dreamers perception. Something is happening that the dreamer is given an inside view on that otherwise has been elusive from view.

[My alpha reader is most likely right and I am wrong. Like it or not!]

This was my dream interpretation, whether accurate, or not.

Do you dream?

Have you ever felt a need to have a dream interpreted?

Do you dream about writing, or your characters?

A Special Thanks to Special People


Today I am unveiling my new book cover image for “Red Clay and Roses”,

But first I have some things to say:

Most significantly, I want to express appreciation for the warm sincerity that I feel from my new wordpress family.  Without your support and encouragement I do not know where I would be.  You have given me both strength and hope.  I have learned so much from your posts. Learning is an ongoing process and you have been so kind. I learn something new and useful from all of you every day, even if it is from example and you are not setting out to teach anything in particular. I am delighted to have become a part of a great blogging experience.  Thank you for being who you are.

Second, I made a lot of mistakes.  I did significant research on publishing books, just not in the right places.  My book is well edited, but the “package” sucked…really it did.  I have, with your help, been working on improving that.  I have updated both my book description and author bio.  I have received more reviews and am learning how to market my book.  I am also very excited to be posting my new book cover image today.  Since this is not a series or a new publication I am not planning a formal book cover reveal.  It will be posted on my site and you most certainly have my permission to reblog and that would be greatly appreciated.

One of the nicest things about being an Indie Author is having the control to make changes when I feel like changes are warranted.   I am following my dream of getting this book read, taking a deep breath and trying again.  The book is selling, but of course, not as well as I would like it to sell.  I have asked my family and friends NOT to post reviews, until I can see what strangers have to say and so far I have not been disappointed.  I do, however, wish to produce a quality product and feel that I can do much better on the cover image so that is what I am focused on today.  I am also launching a paperback print on demand version that will be coming soon and I am very excited about that.  While I feel that ebooks are the wave of the future, there are so many that I want to reach that are not as technologically prepared.

Again, I offer warmest appreciation for your kindness.

~ S. K. Nicholls