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The Rule of 3s

4146570-199711-three-matchesJade Reyner at Jade’s Jungle made a brief post about coincidences this morning and someone commented that these sorts of things tend to run in threes.  I have seen this repeatedly first hand.  What about you?  Are you superstitious at all?

A few days ago, the niece of my first husband sent me a message that her Uncle Kevin Hutto, my former spouse’s brother had died.  We weren’t close like we had been in my youth, but it was still sad.  This is a man I had fond memories of.  He was a fairly young man at 58, and this was unexpected.

Last night, my independent publisher’s daughter at Elderberry Press, sent me an email that her father, David St. John, had died on November 2nd.  They are going to continue the business to keep his legacy alive.  She has worked for her dad for eight years.  They were in the process of notifying everyone.  How tragic.  He was the first non-friend or family member to read my book and discuss it at length with me, giving me the confidence that I needed to proceed with publishing.  He was another fairly young man.

As the Rule of 3s goes, there is yet to be another unexpected death, and I am genuinely concerned.

I don’t think of myself as a very superstitious person, usually. I have a science degree.

I have seen, though, in my Nursing career, this Rule of 3s in action, over and over.

It happens with coincidences.  It happens with deaths.  It happens with chance meetings of old friends.  It happens with clairvoyant dreams. It also seems to happen with accidents.  Things out of the ordinary tend to occur in threes.

Can you think of anytime where the Rule of 3s brought superstition into your life?

What about deaths? Have you noticed that these tend to occur in threes?