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Progress with Createspace

I got another digital proof from CreateSpace yesterday.  I am not totally satisfied with it.

Someone thought it would be cute to put semicolons between the Chapter numbers and the Chapter Headings in the Table of Contents (not something I had asked for and it looks a bit absurd.).

There is also a huge space between the first two paragraphs of the Conclusion Chapter (an issue I thought we had resolved in a previous exchange).

Ebook Jpg (2)The handwritten letter font size was increased so that it is now readable (that is quite an accomplishment considering how many times we have been back and forth about that).

All of the text edits are completed.

Everything else looks great.

They won’t be charging me for the errors that they need to correct and they have pushed me up in queue so that we can get these things corrected before my Birthday on November 15th, so I am looking forward to that as a most lovely gift !

We are finally getting somewhere!logo-csp-no-tm