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Surviving Sister Revisited

It has taken me so very long to get the edits done on Naked Alliances that I am not nearly as far along on Surviving Sister as I had intended to be. I’m giving it some attention now. That started with me reading the four or five chapters I have completed.

I’m at 15, 297 words on that book. The first chapter, as always, seems to be giving me the most trouble.

I know that it’s best to drop backstory in as you move along in a story. However, with this story, that takes place in the mid to late fifties and early sixties, I am going between two POV, the two sisters. There is an action scene in Chapter One, but much of Chapter One is relating their childhood and relationship with their parents at an early age relative to them being so very transient and I feel that is important to understanding why they behave as they do in subsequent chapters.

So I’m breaking a rule. Again. I can only hope it doesn’t backfire.

In Chapter One, there is an incident that occurs in the sisters’ teen years where they are forced to move yet again, and that’s where the real story of their present starts.

This is a more cerebral read than anything like genre fiction that is exclusively for entertainment. I’m hoping my audience for this book will be like my audience for Red Clay and Roses. It goes deeper. Introspective. Reflective. Meaningful. Filled with emotion. Nothing remotely funny about it.

The first chapter sets up the dynamics of the two sisters, let’s you in on the dynamics of their parents, their grandma, how they relate to their world and the tone of the story.

I may make some changes later, but I’m liking it so far.

Here’s a throwback! Me and my older sister in the tub. 1961.

Connie and Susie