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Bird-of-Paradise: What I Do When I Am Not Writing

People often ask me what I do when I am not writing. I paint, but I am a novice. Most of it I give away to people who express interest in it, family and friends. This is my latest, rather two dimensional, watercolor. The flow of paint on paper or canvas is relaxing. I paint in oils too, but it is messier and takes more time. I also make jewelry. It doesn’t look that great photographed without being on a model, IMO, maybe one day.

what i do besides write 006

what i do besides write 011002

It is odd how different it looks in sunlight compared to incandescent light. This last one was taken indoors. Most of the time my studio serves as a storage room. Sometimes I paint outdoors. I don’t care for the background wash in this painting honestly. Better luck next time. The Bird-of-Paradise that bloom all winter are gone now.



What are your hobbies besides writing?