Something Really Cool!

Wild giveaway for crime lovers.

Entertaining Stories

My dear friend Sue Coletta put together a Rafflecopter event that you can take part in. She organized 30 of her favorite authors in one huge giveaway.

These are mostly crime authors, and if you know Sue that makes sense. She saw fit to include a couple of paranormal tales, one of which is my own Will O’ the Wisp.

Logic dictates: 30 of her favorite authors, I am one of those authors = I have a fan. (No takebacks)

There are some pretty heavy hitters on this promotion, and I’m honored to stand among them.

Some of you will be inclined to go right to the entry, and so here is the link: Rafflecopter

Others will want to see what’s up for grabs. I’m going to let Sue tell you about it herself. Take it away, Sue.


In keeping with the holiday spirit I have the best surprise…

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4 thoughts on “Something Really Cool!

    1. I don’t know what’s going on with wordpress. I’ve entered your rafflecopter contest a few times, but I’ve never seen it on my FB page or Trwitter??? When I went to your page last night, I was getting all sorts of weird stuff at the top and there was HTML mixed in text…I think, that’s what it was. I just decided to reblog Craig’s POST here to help spread the word.

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      1. Yeah, unfortunately, I had to deactive a plugin that was going haywire. It’s all fixed now. Thanks for the reblog. I really appreciate it. As far as Twitter and FB, that’s odd because I see so many shares. Did you try today? Maybe that plugin issue was screwing things up. Sorry for the hassle.

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