A writer’s rant

WordPress, please stop fixing things.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Dear WordPress,

Yes, it’s me again. Well, what did you expect? Reindeer?

First, let me thank you for providing what is, in my humble opinion, the best blogging platform out there with what has to be the best blogging community you could wish for.

Second… WordPress, we have a problem.

Well, several actually.


For starters, let me ask… have you been playing at happiness engineering again? I do wish you wouldn’t. In fact, most of us wish you wouldn’t to judge by the comments when you do. Even worse, we ever know what’s coming until the usual batch of oddities start occurring. Like bloggers who disappear from our notifications… notifications that cease arriving. Notifications tabs that ‘forget’ to let us know about comments. Readers who get in touch to check you are okay because they haven’t had any notifications either… regardless of the fact you haven’t missed posting…

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4 thoughts on “A writer’s rant

  1. Sue and Susan, you are giving voice to thousands of WP bloggers’ complaints. Apparently, WordPress do not regard laptops as mobile and so skew their terrible tweaks to their definition of “mobile” devices, the teeny, oblong-shapes ones. I hope this rant makes it all the way to the “happiness engineers.” I am sure that I too have lost frequent readers/commenters because they were mysteriously dropped from notifications. Thanks for this detailed recitation of shortcomings. I can relate to nearly all of them! :-/


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