Coffee with Barb & @sknicholls1 ~ A Bad Word in Writing Fiction? #SundayBlogShare

Visited the fantastic Barb Taub’s blog today with a discussion on one of my favorite topics, stereotypes in fiction.

Barb Taub

You say stereoTYPE and I say stereoTROPE. Did we both just say a dirty word?

coffee with BarbAs readers of this blog know, I like tropes. Even when they are so incredibly overused that they go from being a useful shortcut to an absolute stereotrope. What is a stereotrope? There are lots of definitions, ranging from a 3D animation machine to “…an interactive experiment, exploring a set of tropes authored by the community on that are categorized as being always female or always male.” [check out the entertaining page on!]

But I think of stereotropes as the things that everybody “knows”. Little girls like ponies. Women love shoes. Men don’t cry. Everyone hates mimes. (Well, maybe that last one is a universal truth…)

But today, trope lovers, is our lucky day because writer S.K. Nicholls is here to tell us how to turn stereotypes from a bad word to a good tool. So…

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