Go Set A Watchman––Review

I haven’t read this book yet, but I applaud Harper Lee and wish her much success. It is well deserved. I understand that many believe “To Kill A Mockingbird” was written by someone else, or at the least, heavily edited for marketability. It worked, and I will read her “original” with much due respect.

Jackie Mallon

UnknownGo Set a Watchman is a must read. I’m so happy to say that. I wanted to enjoy it and enjoy it I did.

I happily traveled with Jean Louise/Scout back to her hometown. I couldn’t wait for it; bought the book on the day of its release, the anticipation heightened by the image of the train coming up the tracks on the book’s cover. Who would have ever thought we’d be taking this trip together?

Harper Lee spends about a hundred pages allowing Jean Louise to explore her old hometown, notice the changes, indulge in the nostalgia, infusing the first third of the book with a meandering Alabama sultriness that might irritate some readers. In other words, the book starts off a bit slow.

Then it goes from zero to sixty and all the shocking layers of life in Maycomb during the years since Jean Louise has been gone…

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14 thoughts on “Go Set A Watchman––Review

  1. That was a great review. Thanks for sharing it. The thought of having one of my earlier drafts out there for all to see sends a shiver down my spine. Then again, I’ll never be in Lee’s place, so I doubt I need to fret!

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    1. I published my first book myself and have had thoughts about taking it down, but I can’t bring myself to do it. It’s my first published work, and it is what it is for all of posterity’s sake.


      1. Well I certainly enjoyed it. 🙂 But I get what you’re saying. We all have our first book. I think my writing improves as I go along, but that first book will always be out there. Keeps us humble, I guess. 🙂

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  2. I’m still in the “I’m not reading this book” mode. Harper Lee stood by her position that To Kill a Mockingbird was the one and only book she was going to publish for far too long for me to believe this is being published consistent with her wishes.


    1. I think she’s old and, like me, has a WTF attitude about it now. That happens as we mellow into old age. She will benefit from it. I like what Jackie says about art. Our writing is art. What if we had never run across Leonardo da Vinci’s early works, we wouldn’t know what a genius he truly was based on a few paintings? I’m still waiting for Hemingway’s lost suitcase to be found.


      1. I’m not convinced of that. She’s 90 years old, was already making $3 million a year in royalties off of TKAM. Not sure she needs any more money. Somebody who knows her who was concerned about whether she really wanted the book published, visited her and asked. Her response, “Why would I write a book and not publish it?” Well, because for the last 50 years you have said you’re not publishing anything else. There’s a lot wrong with this story. But, when you read it, let me know how it is. 😉

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