A Fellow Blogger Has Died

Sad news on Rara and Grayson Queen. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Grayson QueenI got a brief message today on my blog from someone whom I don’t know.  This person wanted to tell me that Grayson Queen, a blogger whom I follow, had died. His last two posts told us he had to leave work because he was bleeding from his ears and nose, apparently from an infection. He was given antibiotics and sent home. As an anatomist, I know that any infection in the middle ear and nasal sinuses has a good chance of spreading to the brain. I wasn’t told how he died, but I suspect it might have been that.

Grayson was young, 35, and a remarkable young man. Here is how he describes himself from his blog, Posting Tuesdays:

“Grayson Queen is a full-time novelist and painter located out of Orange County, California. His artistic passions range from deeply philosophical to unusual science fiction and fantasy. In his…

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14 thoughts on “A Fellow Blogger Has Died

    1. You know, I had a physical a few days ago and complained of allergy ears draining and told doc I was taking anti-histamines. She told me it was infected, but I dismissed it and didn’t fill the script. I’m having second thoughts now.

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  1. So sad. Sending prayers up for his wife and his family. I lost a blogger friend two years ago that I had grown close to through numerous online interactions. She passed abruptly of a heart attack. Such a shock. I still see things online and encounter others in our circle who remind me of her.


    1. Yep. Most likely MRSA and being sent home to wait for culture reports is no good in that case. I nearly lost my left leg to it about ten years ago when the ER doctor sent me home with Clindamycin. When back the next day and demanded admission. Told them if I lost my leg there would be hell to pay. Culture came back positive and was given IV Vancomycin. Had to have surgery to remove necrotic tissue, irrigate and drain. It was nasty.


  2. So so sad. I know of Grayson and Rara because I follow Rara’s blog. I can’t imagine how devastated she would be when the news is broken to her. Just how much can a person take? My prayers are with her. May Grayson rest in peace.


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