Create a Hyperlinked Table of Contents

This comes in handy for us folk who like to page back and forth in ebooks. Especially if it is a longer book. Red Clay and Roses has one and I think any book should. One of the biggest complaints of digital over paper is that people can’t thumb through pages or go back and check details. This makes it so much easier.

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

TOC 1One great convenience that an indie author can place in their Kindle, Nook or Smashwords e-book is a Hyperlinked Table of Contents. This is something I use all the time –it allows me to easily page back and forth.

The one I am using for this is an ancient file for the book that spawned Huw the Bard,  so ignore the page numbers. In those days I didn’t know that page numbers are like prisoners—they just weigh you down!  If you have seen my previous post on this subject you can quit now and I won’t hold it against you.  However, if you are in the middle of formatting your first manuscript, this post may be of use to you!

For print versions, I keep costs down by not wasting precious pages on something the reader won’t use. However, printed technical manuals, textbooks, and cookbooks must include a TOC. In print books, every…

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6 thoughts on “Create a Hyperlinked Table of Contents

    1. I have a whole file of posts that I have kept links to in the even I ever try to tackle it totally alone. I’ve had a small publisher format my files even for my self-published book, but might tackle that task myself one day also.


      1. Every time I think about formatting my own book, it seems daunting and overwhelming. I just learned how to put part of my blog post in text boxes, for heaven’s sake. There really is no hope for me…


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