Boat Scam Resolution

Since I ranted on here about our boat dilemma, it’s only fair I come on here and update you on our progress. I wrote about that here:

The rocket scientist checks with the bank every day to see if the lien has been paid. Well, today, the lien has been paid.

Don’t know if the guy is totally honest, or whether he was concerned about the threat of legal action. At any rate, he came through.

He’s deprived us of our property and failed to pay since December  7th.

The detective in Lee County assured us we would not be held liable if he wrecked the boat, smuggled drugs, or some other atrocious act, since we reported it to authorities. Thank goodness none of that came to pass, but better safe than sorry.

He still owes us a couple hundred, but we’re not holding our breath. Better to let it go and get the boat out of our name so he can do whatever and we’ll be completely out of the picture.

Now, we can enjoy our new boat without this hanging over us. We tried to have faith, but couldn’t help but feel scammed.

The RS and I feel so much relief! R.E.S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.

This was the day we bought the boat! Good riddance. We’ll never own a boat this big again, unless we have millions and a house on deep water.

Bye-bye boat!!! The nightmare is over.

Have you ever been scammed?

44 thoughts on “Boat Scam Resolution

  1. What a pain in the ole tuchas. I am always scared of these kinds of things which is why I have still never used Craigslist. The RS made an initial error but who wouldn’t? So glad it’s over!


  2. Today ‘s date is the 2-month mark of the beginning of this saga, which thankfully now has a happy ending. A little glitch (?) and now you can move on! Compelling title for anyone following your blog, SK.


    1. The anguish for two months was draining. So many phone calls, waiting for return calls, banks, lawyers, detectives, authorities. And the note keeping, play by play. Just glad it is over. And the funny thing is, the guy probably didn’t give it much thought. Just figured he’d pay when he had to pay.


  3. Hurray for a positive ending! As for the question, I’ve been scammed in minor events like a guy pretending to be homeless or when I worked retail. There’s a scam used with buying a soda and asking for change. Forgot how it went, but I got nailed on my second day for $11.


    1. I know I’ve probably been taken by a few “homeless” folk, but I figure if they would go to that length to get it…maybe they deserve the little something I could give. I remember one guy, though, who played deaf and passed out little cards with sign language on them for five dollars. We gave him five and then went in the store. Later, as we approached the counter, he came in talking (and hearing) the convenience store staff and showing a few very thick rolls of ones and fives he needed converted to twenties. Wasn’t amused.


      1. The guy that got me helped with something and pulled the ‘need money for a cab ride home’ thing. We give him some money, went into the comedy club, and saw him hoping into a BMW as we got out. Eye contact was made and he zoomed off.


      2. Yep! That’s about right. I saw a guy standing on Colonial in a suit and tie with a sign that read, “IRS got me for back taxes, Wife threw me out, Got fired, Wrecked my truck drunk, Need Food.” Could have been a college initiation prank, but I dropped a dollar in his bucket for shits and giggles.


  4. I’m a huge skeptic about so many things. But when it comes right down to it, I think most people are good and I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. But, yeah, Warren got scammed for some major money a few years ago. I felt so bad for him but my gut had told him not to do it. I also remember that we drove all night to Georgia pulling a trailer so he could get a project car he had found on the internet. I was really nervous about it. I sat in the locked truck while he conducted business with the guy. Had my phone ready to call for help. It was just fine though and he told me I was a nervous Nelly. Then I saw the news about the couple who was just killed in Georgia over a Craigslist deal.


    1. I saw that, too. Just awful! My heart goes out to that family and I know they will be sorely missed. I try to go with my gut. My intuition is usually right. I think it may be street smarts versus book smarts in the case of me and Greg. He’s such a good person, he can’t fathom people being really bad unless it’s fiction in a book. Real life is too often just too weird.


  5. I’m so happy for you and RS that you have this situation at least mostly resolved. You’ve been through an awful mess. I’m glad, too, that you went out to celebrate–Greek food and dancing! (Were you dancing on the table tops, too?) 🙂


      1. Yeah. Sometimes it is easier just to say, “whatever,” and move on. It’s still kind of infuriating that he got away with it for so long and may yet get away with not paying the full amount. People are ridiculously self-centered. Sorry you had to deal with all that.

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