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This morning's beach shot by Scott Spradley.
This morning’s beach shot by Scott Spradley.

Scott, over on Flagler Beach, gets up every morning to catch the sunrise. He posts pics almost every day. What a nice way to start the day. If you’d like to follow him on Facebook, he’s here:


I’ve been a real slacker this year, both in writing and blogging. I didn’t have any resolutions, so I didn’t set myself up for failure, but I have not been terrifically productive either. I have done no guest posts, no interviews, only a couple of promotions for others, and a couple of book reviews.

I have been busy though. I have two outlines for Naked Eye series books. I received my final edits back for Naked Alliances and have been very busy polishing that manuscript. Right now I’m on chapter twenty-five with five more to go. This last chapter has been the most challenging to get through. There was a scene that I personally felt wasn’t working as it was written, so I cut quite a lot out of it and did some rewriting. The rewriting was easier than deciding what to cut.

Knocked out for a couple of days with a broken tooth. It’s not fixed yet, but it’s not hurting either. I have an appointment scheduled to have a root canal with posts and a crown to be put on February 10th. I missed an author symposium and book signing. I also have jury duty February 5th. I try to do my Civic duty, but honestly, I’d like to get out of this one.

We’re also dealing with the stolen boat situation as best we can. It’s a tough call. The place where the man said they bought the money orders that he claims they cancelled (the ones that never made it to our bank) says it can be sixty-five days to get a refund, which is what he says he is waiting for. That would give him until March 13th to pay up. If we file a stolen vessel report and they find him, he could be arrested and not be in a position to pay (IF he intends to pay).

The attorney has basically said he is in the business to sue people and wants a $200.00 retainer and $2000.00 settlement if the man pays (That’s nearly a quarter what we are owed.). The thief has not responded to his request to provide proof of the money orders, return the boat, or pay the balance. The Lee County authorities don’t have it high up on their priority list and haven’t permitted us to file a stolen vessel report yet. They seem to want to see more of an effort to collect first, and had us send notification of intent to pursue legally (which, again, the man did not respond to).

The RS is thinking we should give him until March 23rd, and then file the stolen vessel report if he doesn’t pay at that time.  Major frustration! Meanwhile, we’re making payments with interest on a boat he’s living aboard for free.

Scariest thing is that it is a documented vessel with Homeland Security in our name. If he smuggles drugs, runs it aground, wrecks into another boat, or crashes into a dock, we’re liable.

On a positive note: We’ve been babysitting the grandkids from time to time and the grandson is not screaming for hours when he’s with us anymore. Thank God for sisters.

abbysitting 006

28 thoughts on “Where We Are Today

  1. Ahh Susan, sounds like you’ve been having a really rough time of things. I’m sorry I haven’t been over here as often as I’d like, I’m barely hanging on with blogging at the moment with so much going on over in my neck of the woods, not to mention endless technical issues which I’m finally getting on top of and hope to get back to normal this week…ha! Lovely to have the time with your grandhildren though and I do really hope that you get things resolved with the boat, I had no idea, so, so sorry… Hugs… ❤


  2. I can only imagine how stressful that boat issue is. To have to make payments on it while he’s out enjoying it seems inhumane. And your point about what could happen if he used it for illegal activities is a good one. I’m impressed you’re managing to focus on editing at all. And sorry about the tooth. And the jury duty…


    1. Life’s little inconveniences. It would be nice if we just clicked on our banking page and saw the guy had wired payment. Greg likes to think that will happen. I dunno. I don’t have as much faith as him, maybe.


  3. I’m sorry you’re going through all of this! Once you reported the boat situation to the authorities you are no longer liable for what the thief does. If the cop didn’t take an actual report– make him. Tell him you want it documented, so you’re not responsible if he smuggles drugs or whatever. At least that will be one headache off your plate. I truly hope things improve. Think of this way– at least you have each other. Two nights ago we had a house fire. Our dryer went up in flames because we allowed our “helpful” neighbor to rewire the plug. The entire house was blanketed in thick black smoke. We couldn’t breathe… It was awful. What I gained from this was that nothing matters except the people/dogs I love. Material things can be replaced. Life’s headaches will always come and go. But if everyone is safe that’s all that matters. Take care, Susan.


    1. Gosh, Sue, that’s scary. You’re so right. I’d like to think we aren’t responsible, but that’s not how the law sees it. We would still have to prove we weren’t somehow involved in illegal activity according to the officer taking the report. They still have not agreed to list it as a stolen vessel even though they have opened a case. Dealing with the authorities is not as cut and dry as it should be.

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  4. You seem VERY busy–not slacking at all. So sorry to hear that the boat situation is dragging on. I hope it’s resolved–favorably and soon. Have you kept the emails and documentation on your end so that if something does happen you will at least have some proof that you’re not responsible? Even if you’re legally responsible, maybe having info on the record will help. Good luck with that and with your tooth!
    Beautiful sunrise. Enjoy that time with your grandkids!


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