Flagler Beach Fun on the way to The Nation’s Oldest City

The RS and I took a notion to travel on Saturday and headed out to St. Augustine for an overnighter. We usually travel south for Old World Florida fun but this trip took us a bit north. The highlight was a detour off I-95 across Hwy. #100 to Flagler Beach where local authors were having a book signing at Change Jar Books. All of these authors write their stories set in Flager Beach and are local celebrities. They should be regional or national celebrities. When they are, we can say, “We knew them when…”

The RS knows the work effort that went into writing and publishing Red Clay and Roses and he really appreciates independent authors. One of our favorite writers, Tim Baker was at the signing. We picked up a collection of Tim’s crime thriller/adventure books about Ike and Associates to gift a friend. We met Becky Meyer Pourchot and got a copy of the first in her Hungry Ghost series (which I’ll tell you more about later). I don’t think Becky always wears pink hair or dresses like the Snow Princess, but it was fitting for the season. (photo op)

St Augustine and Flager Beach 002

You can follow Tim Baker on Twitter @blindoggbooks, drop by and show some love. He’s almost at 10,000 followers. You can read my review on Eyewitness Blues and get a sneak peek about Path of a Bullet here.

We also picked up a shiny, colorful, hardback book for our grandchildren by Marybeth Jeitner and Heather Chalmers, Saving Libbie the Lobster. This is about one special lobster, and has rhyming passages that the kids and grandkids will cherish. Saving Libbie the Lobster is based on true events. In the back are some interesting facts. (another photo op)

St Augustine and Flager Beach 005

We left Change Jar Books loaded with good reads and gifts and then stopped into Flagler Beach Gifts run by Michelle, where the RS found a nifty boating hat, the kind he likes but can never find.  It fits the rocket scientist better than it fits Captain, the pug.


While in Flagler Beach we couldn’t resist the opportunity to dine at The Golden Lion. If you have read any of Tim’s books you’ll know why this place is so very important.

St Augustine and Flager Beach 008

First, we wanted to cross A1A and get an uncluttered view of the beach. There’s nothing quite like the feeling that you get when you’ve been traveling and you come upon an ocean view, the breeze, open blue skies, and vastness of the water before you. Flagler Beach is one of those sleepy little seaside villages that’s not inundated by commercial enterprise. Independently owned and operated ice cream shops, cozy coffee cafes, beach bars, and quaint hotels are sprinkled along the west side of A1A, and the most gorgeous views of the Atlantic are to the east.

Then, back across A1A to The Golden Lion.

St Augustine and Flager Beach 012

Of course we dined on the upper deck so we could keep an eye out for Ike and Brewski possibly passing by on their Harleys.  It was a chilly day at 65 degrees, but that just served to keep the oysters cold. After the appetizers, we were served steaming crocks of delicious New England clam chowder. The soup warmed us up perfectly. If you’re ever touring Florida’s east coast, you’ll want to stop in here.

Flagler Beach is definitely one of my new favorite Old World Florida places.

Another day I’ll tell you about St. Augustine, the Nights of Lights, and Castillo de San Marcos.

Have you chanced to meet any of your favorite authors?

Do you have a favorite Florida place?

What did you do over the weekend?   

29 thoughts on “Flagler Beach Fun on the way to The Nation’s Oldest City

  1. This post is a great commercial for both books and beach. I do love St. Augustine, one of my favorite places for some “down” time.
    Have I chanced to meet any of my favorite authors? Yes, Shirley Showalter of BLUSH, and another blogger Traci Carver. I have been invited to a retreat in February sponsored by one of my writer friends. There I will meet other published authors. I expect to be awed – and tutored!


    1. Shirley’s book parallels your own story. I’d love to read it. I would like to attend an author retreat or large literary fair. I met some authors at Orlando’s Indie Fest, but I had not yet read their books. Susan Toy is planning a literary function in the Caribbean. I’d love to make that one for sure. Sisters in Crime hosts many writer conventions and I’m looking forward to those also.


  2. “It was a chilly day at 65 degrees.” I could go for some of that chill right now…it was 34 this morning. Ah…Flagler Beach, one of my favorite spots in Florida. Thanks for providing some warmth, Susan. 🙂


  3. Thank goodness for independent bookstores who support local and independent authors. They’re marvelous places to browse.

    As for what I did this weekend: finally started on my Christmas prep. Got really behind because I’ve been away so much. But I’m on a roll now–baking, wrapping, etc. 🙂


    1. I love small bookstores much more than the big box shops.

      I saw you prepping to bake on FB,. I am soooo far behind. Don’t even have my tree up yet. That’s this weeks’s big project!


    1. An elusive legend. I’ll probably have to get myself into some kind of serious trouble before he comes around. I’m good at that, so it might not be too far down the road.


  4. I’m hoping I’M the first fan to actually meet Ike and Brewski in person!! Until then, I’ll have to be satisfied with reading Tim’s books and writing my own brand of fan-fiction short stories. Sounds like you and the RS had a terrific time, SK!


    1. We did, Susan! I was missing you though…you’re like one of the gang. I was really glad to find a nice beach that isn’t so commercialized and doesn’t allow driving on the beach like the ones between us and Daytona. I get nervous taking my grandkids to the closer beaches for those reasons.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Books, beach and seafood?? Sounds like the perfect day, Susan! My favorite Florida destination is the somewhat-tired Titusville – because my folks and sister live there! My go-to spots during a visit are Playlinda – a noncommercial beach that I’m totally enamored with – and the manatee watch site. And Publix. We don’t have Publix in OK and they have good bread and a nice selection of seltzer! My last two trips up there I connected with a fellow blogger I’d met online – who happens to live in St. Augustine! I definitely want to go back and explore the town a bit more. So Flagler Beach and The Golden Lion are now on the list!


    1. Yay! Do drop by, it’s just a short and beautiful drive up from Titusville. Playa Linda is my most favorite beach in all of Central Florida (because I can get naked there and swim suitless). I have to admit I do love the white sugary sands of the panhandle (a place we call the Redneck Riviera). Publix is my go-to market for the fresh produce and the fact that there is one on every corner. If you read Saving Libbie the Lobster, you will see that Publix was instrumental in her rescue.


    1. One of my indie author friends, Sarah M. Cradit had the opportunity to meet with Anne and Christopher Rice and Anne’s assistant, Beckett. She also served on a board of authors in New Orleans with Anne Rice. I was so envious, but very happy she had that experience..


    1. I love it too, but would really like to see more of Texas. I’ve just been to San Antonia (which I L.O.V.E.D.) and Austin. Lot’s of space between Louisianan and San Antonio that I didn’t really get to see.


    1. If it waas warmer I would have been in the water, but the blue skies couldn’t be beat. It was so much fun. Tim and Becky and Marybeth are just the nicest folk ever, also.


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