Promo Results

I always like to put up a little note after a promo to let folk know what’s working and what’s not.

Ereader News Today has always been good to me. I have sold between 100 and 400 books each time I have done a promo with them. I have done four promos.

A few things have changed since my last promo in July:

The way Ereader News Today works, they post to their site, which only brings a few sales, then the  books get posted to their Facebook followers of which they have nearly half a million. That’s when the real sales start kicking in.

For one thing, Facebook has started limiting newsfeeds to those people who “like” or “comment” on posts frequently. Others remain in the background unless you visit their page. You’ll not see everything from pages you have “liked” unless you respond to the posts regularly.

So those half a million followers from ENT are a dribble compared to what they used to be. That’s why ENT is begging people to “like” or “comment” on their posts all the time. They want to be seen.

The other thing is Kindle Unlimited. And not JUST Kindle unlimited. There are quadzillion little sites posting free and bargain books all over the net. Kindle Unlimited has taken a significant number of folk who are regular readers and given them an opportunity to keep plenty of books on hand, so those people aren’t browsing for books in other places so much anymore.

Bottom line: This promo fared worse than any I have done in the year I have been doing them.

Though I managed to get onto three best sellers lists, I only sold 44 books on that first day. That was a shock. I have sold that many before just moving the book to 99 cents without doing ENT.

Yesterday, I moved 7 books with the Read Tuesday promo going on. So, just over 50 for the two days.

But, I sold books! I have new readers. Yay!!!

It would be wonderful if they all wrote a quick review!

Mildly disappointed in results though, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that.

BTW, ENT is working on improving exposure. They have been posting on Facebook to all of their followers to join up for receiving promos directly to your inbox like BookBub does. Subscribers will get instant daily emails to tell them about books they might be interested in. If you are a reader, be sure to subscribe. I think, ultimately, they will be as formidable as BookBub and not nearly as expensive. 

There is a new five star review on the page. Thanks for that! (Bit of a spoiler, but nice to know the reader liked the story.) Also, a very good example of how different readers take away different things from the writing.

Working quietly on a few new projects, and Naked Alliances is sitting still. I’m about halfway finished with the editing.

Red Clay and Roses will remain at 99 cents until Sunday, December 14th.

39 thoughts on “Promo Results

  1. Hey, to put things in perspective, I get all excited and squiggly when the monthly sales report arrives from my eBook formatter and I learn I’ve sold 1 (one) copy of my novel in that past month. (I’ve long-since given up on selling any more copies of the novella …) Although, that’s at the full price of $9.99, so equivalent to 10 copies at your sale price, I suppose. So you’re my hero and role model, SK!!! 50 copies in 2 days – Woohoo!!!

    Does that make you feel any better? 🙂


    1. I feel a bit better but would feel better for all of us if we could find a way to get the exposure we so deserve. One of my promos was for a price of $2.99 and I sold over 150 books at that price, so it is discouraging to know we have to set it at 99 cents or free just to get exposure. That was a fluke. I had intended to lower the price and at the last minute had to tell ENT I couldn’t. I did not realize Amazon would let you drop less than $2.99 if you changed your royalty from 70% to 35%. They ran the promo anyway.

      Getting readers is great! I does take some work. These are all digital copies. I have sold a fifty to independent bookstores and should probably do more for local exposure. I’m getting there. It’s time consuming.

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    1. For my digital copies, my own page Facebook page hasn’t worked, but for ENTs page it always worked for me UNTIL they changed the rules about which posts were sent to feeds. I could hawk my paperbacks books on a street corner in Orlando and sell more than I have through Amazon. So far I have sold two. Ha!


  2. I don’t like how Facebook does things. If I share someone else’s FB posting, the reach is so small. It’s a larger reach if I post something of my own, but still, I don’t think nearly as many people see it as could if it went to all those who have ‘liked’ my page in the past. That’s why I prefer Twitter, though that can be a lot of noise, no doubt.


    1. I have twitter, but rarely turn it on. I just can’t take the spam. My posts go to twitter and that’s about it. I’m liking Facebook less and less as time goes on. I loved it when it first started and had a Facebook page many years before I published, but it was just family and close friends.


      1. I made a few lists, but still don’t check them. I’ve connected with several locals on FB who are writing and publishing and that’s been fun. There are a couple of local events I have signed up for so this is a new direction. We’ll see how it goes.


      1. I just do a copy/paste deal, but that might not work any more. Facebook changed the way site pictures show up a while back. Not sure what the cropping system looks for, but it doesn’t grab the title of the new one. Think it looks for the ‘main face’, which tells me they’re looking more at the selfie craze than anything else.


    1. I thought about you when I did this promo. I truly was under the impression the ENT thing was not supposed to start until the 9th. I saw the stats rising on the 8th and thought that had occurred simply because I reduced the price and the ENT thing would be the next day. How disappointed I was when I realized I only sold forty four…hummmm. But it is something. 🙂 I’m happy 🙂


  3. Thank you for the update on your results, Susan. Facebook is changing so much and not in anyone’s favor, it seems. Maybe keep your eye on the big picture and not so much on this one promotion. I think you’re doing great!


  4. I think one thing you don’t take into consideration is the law of diminishing returns. Or something like that. The first ENT promo I did for Bridgeport produced hundreds of downloads. The second ENT promo produced significantly less. I think it’s just the reality of going back to the same audience. Only a certain number of people are going to download a particular book. If the promos continue to go back to the same audience, each promo will be less successful than the last because there will be fewer interested readers who haven’t already downloaded the book.

    Now, if I could figure out how to get somebody to run a promo site that featured self-published authors charging $3.99 or $4.99 for their e-books (still 1/2 to 1/3 what traditional publishers charge), I’d be happy.


    1. Smashwords does that, and distributes to all other platforms besides Amazon. You can download whatever file you need for whatever device you have. People just don’t go there looking anymore. I’ve sold less than a hundred books through all other platforms besides Amazon. Got a better idea? Let’s start one. The Fussy Librarian works like BookBub, with an email list that sends your book out to people wanting that genre. For twenty bucks you can run a promo with your book listed at any price provided it is half off the price you have it everywhere else. Problem is, their mailing list is about 20,000 people where ENT goes out to nearly half a million. They sold two copies for me. I spent a ton at GoodKindles and didn’t move a book.


      1. I tried Smashwords with Bridgeport and sold one book to a friend. All if this is why I think I’m not trying self-publishing again until I’m retired and can work on promo full-time.


  5. I have found much of the same with ENT with one difference – now they charge a flat fee. The fact is, I’ve never had to pay $25 for them before because my results and sales only yielded a $12 or $13 fee from them when they charged the old way. I’m going to be losing money now each time and I’ve used them 2X so far… Of course, they are still less than bookbub who has passed on my books 2X now. Really great that you shared these results, thank you.


    1. Don’t feel bad. BookBub has passed on me three times, and my book caters to their primary audience. Women ages 35-65. Seriouisly Why? I used to make money with ENT also, but this time I believe I made seventeen dollars and change. The flat fee was twenty-five. I’m just paying for exposure.


  6. Thanks so much for this informative post. Many authors are becoming disillusioned with FB, and a lot are turning to a new social media site called Tsu. I’ve just opened an account there, but I still have reservations. A lot of authors have joined up to Tsu, but will readers follow? And is it going to be just one more site that I have to visit to promote my work, when what I’d really like to be doing is writing my next book? My followers on FB see fewer and fewer of my posts. I think by the end of next year I’ll be using it for family and friends only. It’s a shame, as I’d found it a fun and useful way to share info.
    By the way, if you or any of your followers would like to jion up to Tsu, you’ll need a code. Feel free to use mine:
    Thanks again for sharing your experience. I’ll send a link to your post on some of my author loops.


    1. Thank you for that information! I have heard little bits about TSU. I think it would benefit celebrities more than little guys, but who knows? I dropped out of all of the groups I was in on FB because of changes in the way FB was posting. I started out using FB only for close friends and family many years ago. I am open to trying new things, so I may give Tsu a try. Thank you for the invitation.


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