Book Review: Wild Concept By C.S. Boyack

Craig Boyack is one of those engaging people you just love to have around. He has a blog where he talks about real-life things like pruning peach trees and perusing county fairs for pumpkin beer as well as his fiction writing process. His muses stay in his writing cabin which he welcomes us into from time to time. Most of his muses are characters from his books, which he has for free over the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December; Wild Concept, Panama, and Arson, respectively. I started with his first published: Wild Concept .

Book Review:

X2 is a prototype robot created by a company that makes automations, but X2 is so much more than the typical robot. With the capacity to have human emotions and life-like qualities, X2 becomes Lisa Burton. Lisa has more compassion and common sense than your average human. Lisa is extraordinary in every way. Both a sci-fi and a crime novel, with her unique capabilities and the understanding she is gaining about human behavior, she is sent to join the local P.D. and sets about with her partner to catch a serial killer.

Lisa is an excellent sleuth, but she is also one of the most colorful and endearing characters you will find in a fiction novel. In her effort to be a capable companion, as well as a top-notch robot, Lisa develops the sort of deep and meaningful friendships meant to last a lifetime, and Bunny makes me want to get a cute little rabbit of my very own.

Boyack has a character that has no backstory. There is no history to Lisa Burton, but Boyack takes this thing and breathes a fascinating life into it. Lisa has style, many of them actually, and the fashions she picks for herself echo her adaptive abilities. The supporting characters are as equally well-developed and seem as real as people you would know in real-life, each with their unique personalities and behaviors.

Either Boyack is brilliant or he has done his research…perhaps both, he has Lisa Burton engaged in some complex situations she works diligently to resolve. The novel has a few grammatical errors and a couple of typos, but nothing that impedes the read. The writing is reasonably tight with respect to the story line, but lack of scene breaks make it read more like a stream of consciousness novel style. This was a fun read and exciting adventure. It also offers some room for deep reflection on prejudice and what it means to be different. If you are looking for an entertaining read that will make you think about mankind’s journey beyond the natural, make you smile and make you cry, this is a neat little story to pick up.

4 of 5 Stars

18 thoughts on “Book Review: Wild Concept By C.S. Boyack

  1. That was so generous of you. I think you were very kind. Lisa has been getting quite a bit of love lately, and I’m happy to see it.

    I’m going to reblog this. It makes it easier for me to stop back and engage in any comments you get. Thanks again.


      1. If I’d have known you were interested, I would have happily given you a copy. If any of the others excite you, please take advantage of the give away. (Or I can send them later.)

        There is something fun cooking for Lisa right now. I’ll blog about it when the time’s right.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. This was a pleasure. I enjoy supporting authors and like that I can have a “verified purchase” stamp on my Amazon reviews, but thanks for your kindness 🙂

        Looking forward to your posts, as always. 🙂


      3. I’ll keep that in mind. May be a while, but that day is coming. I have an author friend whose new book has a foreword written by your’s truly. When I post a review about Eyewitness Blues, I would love a reblog to help spread the word about Tim Baker’s newest Ike novel, Path of a Bullet.


  2. As you can tell from my own blog posts, I like the idea of authors blending real life posts with their writing process. What’s not to like about pruning peach trees and tippling at county fairs.

    Science fiction is typically not my genre, but this one looks tempting. Great review!


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