The Subject of Book Reviews

Luanne at the Writer Site posts frequently about memoirs. She read and reviewed Red Clay and Roses as it is a fictionalized true story akin to a memoir or biography. Here is her lovely review.

Luanne Castle's Writer Site

In September, S.K. Nicholls wrote a post on here about the similarities between a novel like her Red Clay and Roses and a memoir. I enjoyed her book so much and eventually wrote a review for it that I posted on Amazon. While I have no memoir review today, here is a copy of my Amazon review for S.K.’s book.

Once I started reading S.K. Nicholls’ roman à clef Red Clay and Roses, I had to be pried away from the book for work and sleep. Her masterful storytelling is ideal for this southern story that, like Faulkner’s, covers generations of customs and politics and changes. She explores the tragedies of racism and gender inequality with a firm hand and a warm heart.

We hear the story through different voices. The nurse who learns the secrets and mysteries of the past tells us the story of the present—what’s “become” of…

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14 thoughts on “The Subject of Book Reviews

  1. It’s a treat to see a new review on any of the sites, isn’t it? 🙂 I think the ones on Goodreads tend to be a little harsher though–for all books in general, not just Indies.


      1. If I give a book five stars on Amazon, I’ll usually give it four on GR. On GR, a five star means “It’s amazing” so I try to be more judicious with that one. At least I do now. I didn’t at first because I wasn’t aware of the star ‘translations.’


      2. I give them the same in both places. I just figure…hey this is MY point of view and MY opinion. I really don’t care what you think 😉 (Not to sound crass or anything, that’s just how I look at the world.)

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