Path of a Bullet – Put some Ike under your tree this Christmas!

If you haven’t met Ike, Tim Baker’s main character, Path of a Bullet, a collection of short stories that tell what Ike has been up to all year and includes some feature stories by other authors as well, is a great way to get to know him. Tim Baker has seven books out and they are all great!

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I am so pleased, and proud, and downright giddy, that a story I’ve written is being included in the new anthology, Path of a Bullet, A Collection of Short Stories Featuring Ike that Tim Baker has put together for release on Dec. 1 as an eBook and in print.

I don’t mind telling you, I’ve fallen in love with Ike, Tim’s main fictional character, since I first discovered the novels in 2013. Tim began writing short stories featuring Ike late last year, and when he put out a call for stories written by friends and readers, I just had to write one. I went with fan fiction, and have taken Ike for a visit to my own milieu. I tried to make Bequia Blues as much an homage to both Ike and Tim as I could, and those in the know will recognize many of Tim’s other characters, colleagues, friends…

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