Yeah! The Beta Reads Are All In For Book One In The Naked Eye Series

Belinda Pollard has some great articles on beta readers, what they are, how and when to use them.

I can’t say enough good things about my betas. I was so very glad that I went all out and had a dozen team members take a look. I had readers who focused on the “Big Picture” and readers who focused on the “Little Details”. Getting both of those perspectives contributed immensely to the creation of a better product. A couple weren’t able to read. That my ten readers loved the story and its characters thrills me.

This is not a high-level English literature read, and it’s not supposed to be. It’s an entertaining, fun read with zany, quirky characters, a bit of a romp. So many improvements have been made. There is still work to do. I plan to have the edits completed by November. I’m working through some attribution tag improvements and cutting some fluffy stuff from Chapters Three, Eleven and Twenty-Five to tighten up the read.

It has been a joy to work with so many brilliant minds and their varied talents. I had a wonderful audience well-suited to provide the feedback we needed to move this project forward. I say “we” because this seems a great team effort.

My plan is to park this first book come November, and spend the next year writing books two and three. Then they will go to an editor. I am hoping to have three completed and ready to publish by November of 2016. It may take a bit longer than that, but I am thinking getting into the flow with the series has been accomplished. If it takes another year that will work just as well. I want to publish them at three month intervals.

I’m still thinking a pseudonym of sorts will be best for this change in genre and style. I don’t want readers of one genre confused by the other simply because of author name.

A Great Big Thank You To All Who Were Willing To Help Out!

Your time and effort much appreciated.

You all get free airline and Disney tickets and can stay at my place (I wish).

We’ll have a big party!

Seriously! I am deeply indebted. Let me know if I can ever return the favor somehow.

Have you ever been a beta reader?

Have you used beta readers?

If not, you are missing out on a valuable experience.

26 thoughts on “Yeah! The Beta Reads Are All In For Book One In The Naked Eye Series

  1. I have (rarely) been on both sides of the beta project. It’s a learning experience for the reader too. We can’t help bringing ourselves to the table and learning from other writers.

    I need to find a couple more for my next project. I’d better get on the stick, but I know a couple who offered.

    I’m excited for you. Seems like you’re moving full steam ahead.


    1. It is a slow process. Much slower than I expected for what it is, but better off for it. I think, in some ways, writing entertaining fiction is more challenging than the serious literary stuff. I’ve had to step outside of myself and detach from old habits on this one.


      1. I never tried to write anything other than a good old fashioned romp. Have a good time, move on to the next one.

        Maybe I’m selling myself short, but it’s the kind of story I like.


    1. Even setting these things up for the long term it feels like I am pushing, but I’m trying to stay on track. I started writing this book a year ago, and don’t plan to publish for at l;east another year, but so much takes time to do it right.

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  2. I appreciated the link, SK. I have a great critique group and I wondered if there was a need for beta readers in addition. I agreed with the author that the swirl of the group discussion can leave things murky (I”m paraphrasing.) It’s also got me thinking about keeping an eye out for those different skill sets in potential readers as I get closer to the point of needing that assistance.


    1. Glad you found it useful, Shel. Many people are content with one or two betas, but I found having several help me in deciding on areas where there might be a consensus about what needed to change, if anything. I know that making certain that they are in your reader audience is helpful, also. I wish you the best when that time comes and hope you find the readers best suited for your needs. I am also in a critique group locally, but have seen the differences in what they provide for you.


  3. Congratulations, Susan! It sounds like everything is going well. It might seem like you’ve been working on this for a long time, but to me, it seems like you’re working quickly!


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