Book Review: One Way Fare: Null City by Barb Taub

This past week I was thumbing through my Kindle app on my iPhone looking through my TBR list for something to read over the weekend. There is a lovely lady, Barb Taub, whose blog I have followed quite some time. Coincidently, there is a guest post by her today on How to Tell if You’re a Writer here on A Woman’s Wisdom blog.

She has a series out called Null City, and I thought it sounded very interesting, so that’s what I went with. And what fun! There was a tiny bit of “Alice in Wonderland” or maybe “Alice Through the Looking Glass” type of feel to it in the manner in which some of the  ancillary characters are introduced. (Some of my most favorite stories of all times BTW.)

Barb Taub has a way of making you laugh out loud even when she’s not trying to be funny…oh, I don’t know, maybe she is trying, but it comes across so very casually that it sneaks up on you and grabs you in the ribs. I mean what would life be like in Hell if you couldn’t order a Grande Caramel Macchiato, right?

“One Way Fare: Null City Book One” is a contemporary fantasy and it is fantastic. The author’s humor and wit come out in both the character dialogue and the narration. The plot is clever, and convoluted, which made for a very interesting read. There is time travel, (2012, 1972, 1890’s) and history, beyond ancient, the time goes back to the very origin of the universe…what could have, might have occurred, in the realm of heaven and hell. Sounds heavy, but with its modern day references it is a very light and often funny read.

Creatively fascinating, cleverly constructed characters Gaby and Leila, endowed with their own unique talents, are on a mission to save the world, but angels, Watchers and Fallen, have their own Courts, and Gifts and Haven are at war, complicating the mission. Flaws become assets. The supporting characters were just as much fun as the main ones. Perfect touches of romance sweeten the story. Null City is supposed to be a place of refuge but the costs are dear.

The writing is clean and well done. I enjoyed the reading. If you are looking for something that stimulates the imagination and challenges your concept of reality, take an exciting ride on the METRO and explore. I’m looking forward to the next read: “Don’t Touch: Null City Book Two”.

5 of 5 Stars

7 thoughts on “Book Review: One Way Fare: Null City by Barb Taub

  1. I read Barb Taub’s post with interest – all the interweaving of writerly quotes and children’s accomplishments made my eyes buckle. Took the writer’s quiz: I guess I are a writer!

    Barb, I love the banner on your website: All those jewel tones make my rods and cones happy!


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