Strange Flames

You know I am writing something different. It’s a modern day fairy tale. I haven’t decided what to call it yet. So far it’s in my Scrivener as “Fairy Tale”. I’m thinking, “OMG, Jesus is gay!” You won’t know why until you read the first chapter.

It isn’t meant to be offensive. It is a funny story…and it starts with a southern Baptist girl’s iconic image found in the guy she marries. Turns out he was gay. They get divorced. Don’t tell me this couldn’t happen. It is sort of a memoir. So it’s my story.

I always tried to look at the humorous side to the life I have lived. It’s a coping mechanism.

Maybe I should title this thing “100 People I Didn’t Marry, and Why”.

So, writing a book means you need to do a little research, right?

I mean there is always research involved in what you are writing. This is turning out to be more fun than I thought.

Have you ever wondered what happened to old flames? What about that guy or girl you used to date? What are they doing now? What about their exes…the people they were with before you? Ever wonder about them?

I was twelve years single so they are all fair game as far as I’m concerned. I’m finding them on CNN, You Tube, Facebook. Some are actually quite famous now…some not so. BTW, I have no regrets.

I found this video. This is Sonja. She used to be married to a guy I dated for a year. He was a bit strange. An auspiciously flamboyant eccentric multi-millionaire with new money. I think she was stranger. What do you think?

Seriously…she’s a madame at the Alien Cathouse brothel near Area 51.

This woman was a school teacher when I knew her.

No kidding!

What about you? Any strange old flames?


42 thoughts on “Strange Flames

    1. Ever have any school teachers like Sonia? I think she spells it Sonja though. Not sure about that.

      The second title is kind of catchy. I think it implies funny also. I’ll probably not decide for sure until it is done. Sometimes the title grows on you while you are writing.


  1. I’ve led a life defined by boring and middle of the road. Sorry, I’ve got nothing to share. Although there was that time … no, actually there wasn’t. Seriously, boredom is my middle name. No, really, it is.


      1. I’m not knocking boring, but I look back on my life and wish there would have been some period in there where I would have lived a little bit more dangerously, experimented a bit more, lived on the edge.

        The best I can do on the relationship front is my ex-psycho girlfriend from hell. But most everybody has one of those.


      2. Well, then, let me tell you a story. Here’s one example … once when I suggested we should break up, she threw her margarita glass against the wall and then acted like she was going to use one of the shards to slit her wrists.


      3. Oh no…that’s psycho. I never cared enough for anybody I dated to actually go that far during a break up. I was good at walking away…and not looking back, until now. Now it’s funny.

        Like when I was the first girl a wanna be priest dated after leaving the seminary. He’s married now, BTW.


      4. She was incapable of walking away. It took me three years before I got the guts and internal fortitude to break up with her no matter what. She didn’t kill herself, but she made my life miserable for another year trying to get back with me. She finally left me alone when I told her I was dating somebody else. That somebody else became my wife … and the rest is history. 🙂


      5. That’s a good happily ever after!

        I had one I couldn’t leave alone, but he never broke up with me. Just led me on for eight years, but I was leading him on also. We were both non-committal, dating other people. In the end…me and this other girl he was not aware I was aware of got together and broke up with him at the same time. He was deservedly devastated.


      1. Hey, hey, hey. You’re trying to steal my glory. Quick. What happens when two people with Boredom as their middle name get in a fight????? Absolutely nothing!


      2. Well, see, I’d have you beat then. You’re either two or three hours ahead of me which means you’re capable of staying awake way later than I am. I’ll be asleep within the next hour. I win. I win. I win.

        See what happens with boring people … they exult about being able to fall asleep earlier.


      3. Mark meet Carrie…Carrie meet Mark.

        I’ll do my best to keep you both entertained. I cried a lot back then, in between the escapades. Things I laugh my ass off about now.


      4. Oh, heck, Carrie and I have “known” each other for a couple of years now via our blogs. We share in boredom, introversion, and having grandiose writing dreams. 🙂


      5. Resort…camp is soooo campy 😉

        That’s where most of my stories originate…not all of them mind you, I had to venture out. But there is nothing like falling off the edge of the earth and waking up on another planet.


  2. All I kept thinking was I know she’s pulling in some cash in that place so why can’t she afford a cordless mic and a decent video camera?

    Hmmm…speaking of boring lol

    I dated a bit. I’m not quite ready to talk about it though. :/ I’m just grateful I’m married. That’s all I’m saying lol I wouldn’t want to be out there these days. However, as far as imagination goes, thank goodness for reality sometimes. 😉


    1. Oh yes! I’m grateful i am married now, but I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world.

      I’d be terrified to try to start over nowadays. I haven’t been married but five years. Starting over at fifty three would be ultra scary. I don’t have Sonja’s body anymore…not that I ever did.


  3. I started over at fifty three… you know how they say youth is wasted on the young? Well this bit is rather like slurping the last bit of soda through the straw regardless of who is listening 🙂
    The thing is, the people you meet now are looking at more than whether the curves are in the right place.


    1. Wow! I’m sure they are. I had a man tell me once If a woman has not owned a property she is not at his level. I was renting at the time but he didn’t know that. knowing I would never be at his level. I quickly terminated that one.


    1. Old flame of the old flame…yes this is strange…and sometimes it tells you more about your old flame to know them. Alien Cathouse? Really.

      She wrote a book about her life with my old flame, it’s called Twisted Passages. I believe it is only available in paperback. There is a paragraph in there about me…though I really don’t know why. We weren’t much of an item at that time. At least she didn’t use my own name. Sabrina, she called me. Just a mention that we had gone to some art venues and dinners together based on a conversation we had about my relationship with him years later.


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