Red Clay and Roses Proceeds to go to The Russell Home for Atypical Children

All future proceeds from book sales of Red Clay and Roses will be donated to The Russell Home for Atypical Children. Most of my readers know that my mother died when I was age eight, I lived in foster homes, and then The Ethel Harpst Home for Children and Youth in Cedartown, GA.

For several weeks, I searched the Orlando area for a similar type children’s group home and found none. There is a thrift store run by The Russell Home near my daughter’s house. We shop there and always buy our Christmas trees from them. I got information from them and toured the facility last week.

Ideally, atypical children are best served in their own homes. I worked pediatric extended care for eight years as a registered nurse and know that there are some situations when that simply is not possible. Foster Homes for children with special needs are not easily found. Some need a permanent home and some need a temporary residence.

The Russell Home for atypical children was established sixty years ago. Vaguely familiar with them from donating bicycles and furniture, I have learned a lot about their services. Started by Mrs. Vantrease “Grandma” Russell, who died in 2003, it operates without any government support. It is now run by her heirs. The Home is the only private, non-profit facility of its kind for severely handicapped children in Central Florida. In addition to your thoughts and prayers, cash contributions are their primary means of support.

Red Clay and Roses was published in March 2013. With the December promo through Ereader News Today, the book finally earned enough to pay for the costs of publishing. I am a retired nurse and write as a hobby. If the hobby should blossom into something more that would be great, but it is not a goal for me. The point is now that the book has paid for itself, I would like the money earned by the book to go to a worthy cause and I believe The Russell Home is most certainly worthy.

Last night, my husband and I sat down and discussed our charitable contributions that we make every year, along with our finances. We decided to MATCH book sales with our own personal pledge. The combined total will be contributed to The Russell Home quarterly.

As author, it puts a serious purpose behind promoting the book. A promotional started today through Ereader News Today, so buying your copy now also means you will be supporting this organization. Just 99 cents!

If you would like to donate more you can HERE!

Help spread the word!

You can tour the facility here:

Buy the book here:

32 thoughts on “Red Clay and Roses Proceeds to go to The Russell Home for Atypical Children

    1. It gives me a dedicated reason to keep promoting this book. This was my debut novel. Some people put their debut a permanent free to promote their own writing. I am not even sure that I will continue to write in this genre. The book sales are slow between promos, but with us matching them it will be a significant contribution and I know they will appreciate it.


    1. Thanks Tess. My husband is a kind and gregarious man also. He is so very supportive. I spoke with them today at the Russell Home. They desperately need funds and I know they will put them to good use.


    1. Yes. Most definitely! The profit is a little less on the paperback $1.07 per book, but it is still matched for $2.14 per book. The ebooks are about double that except during a 99 cent promo, it is only about 20 cents per book. The paperback is always at the price Amazon set for it. It does not get changed during a promo.


      1. Just added it to my Amazon shopping cart. I will hold off until I get free shipping by ordering something else, but I will be getting it before too long :). I can’t wait!


  1. This is such and amazing and noble idea. I’m kind of glad I didn’t buy my copy yet. I’m sorry to hear of your growing up in foster and children’s homes; my husband and I are foster parents and work very hard to minimize the number of homes a child has to live in. I know from experience that you have overcome a lot to get to where you are today.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I also feel that I am a testament to the fact that you CAN overcome. The kids and adults at The Russell Home don’t really have the benefits I did, so being able to help them out a little is even more meaningful. I appreciate what you do for your kids. I lived in six different homes from 1969 until going to the group home in 1974. That meant six different schools and sets of parents. It is horrbly confusing, but I always tried to look at what was good about it…that I got to meet such a variety of people in my childhood and can appreciate the many different cultures and faiths I was exposed to. I also learned many artistic talents that I might not have ever recognized. Just focus on the good stuff and leave the other behind.


  2. Through our conversations on my blog I suspected you were a truly kind and wonderful person. And I was right! Good luck with your promotion. Have you put this post on Reddit and StumbleUpon? I’ve found they bring the most traffic.


    1. I feel honored to be in a position and able to do this. I have not thought about them. I have never used reddit or stumbleupon. But thank you. I will consider making accounts.


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