Book Review for Rosie’s Challenge: Business As Usual by E.L. Lindley

The perils of the human trafficking underworld and prostitution get a close examination in this book. It is book one of the Georgia Connelly series.

This was a refreshingly clever change from typical police procedural, detective, private investigator type crime fiction. Georgie Connelly’s business is making documentary films with some seriously dangerous subjects. A British woman in Los Angeles, she is a bit of a loose cannon and tough as nails, but has a soft and vulnerable side wherein she displays her insecurities. Her heart is pure, even though she can come off as brassy, sarcastic and insensitive, she means well. The cast of characters that surrounds her is well rounded and interesting. James Finn, a former military man assigned to protect her, tries desperately to predict and understand her behaviors. Her friends are like family, loyal and supportive. The antagonists are ruthless and cruel, despicable.

The plot starts off with Georgie having to do community service work as a teacher due to her alcohol issues. She likes her wine. A teenage boy confides in her that his female friend is missing. There is one disaster after another. Georgie uses her documentary/journalism skills in an effort to expose Max Petrov, a Russian gentleman’s club owner, while being hunted down by a psycho from a previous documentary.

I enjoyed this book immensely. It started off slow for a crime thriller and I thought it was going to be more of a cozy mystery, but around 10% the action kicked in and it DID NOT lull at all throughout the entire book. There is a camp that says all crime novels should start off immediately with a bang in the midst of an action scene. It is a tradeoff, really. The character development in this novel is superb. The plot is an intelligent weave of colorful threads with both knots and bows. There are a few typos and repetitive adjectives, but the story was very well written and well organized. I highly recommend if you are looking for a fast paced, interesting, and absorbing read.

Five out of Five Stars


11 thoughts on “Book Review for Rosie’s Challenge: Business As Usual by E.L. Lindley

  1. Thanks you so much, Susan, for your wonderful review. You’ve even made me want to read it! I’m so pleased you liked it and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to review it 😀


    1. Being from GA myself and working on a crime novel that has some commonalities (human trafficking, though a much different angle) your book had elements that really intrigued me. A real pleasure to read.


  2. Crime thrillers are not my cuppa tea, but you made this one sounds alluring. I especially like your line “The plot is an intelligent weave of colorful threads with both knots and bows.” And with credible characters too.


  3. Great review! And especially since it’s coming from another writer as sophisticated as you, I’ve just downloaded. (But it’s going to have to go into the Rosie-sent-me TBR list!)


    1. Ha! My list is sooooooo. between her and Ionia, and my blogger friends, I’ll be reading what I have till I’m seventy-five. I have two books going right now. My GRL and The Seed, and then it will be Null City: One Way Fare and Seneca Scourge. I can’t do more than two at a time. One if I seriously get drawn into it and can’t put it down. I am a slow reader, liking to take my time and savor the different styles and techniques.


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