Happy to Have You!

At some point, I passed 1000 followers! I don’t check stats, so I am not entirely sure when that happened. I am thrilled that so many of you have chosen to be here, and I am eternally grateful that so many have opted to stay around.

I try to be honest and post some things that may help others find their way in this writer’s world. I never claim to be an expert, so much of what you read is based on trial and error. My trials and triumphs. I also enjoy promoting other authors. It shows what can be accomplished. I am so proud of you 🙂

Not everything I post is about my writing efforts, though, this being an “everything” blog.

You will find stories about my adventures in GA and FL, some happy, some sad, some old, and some new.

This blog is where I write out my thoughts, as weird and way out as they can be, sharing both my confidence and insecurities. I am complicated that way.

Whether you are across the continent or around the world…maybe even right next door, I enjoy be engaged with you in comments. Being retired for the past couple of years, I feel you are my comrades, colleagues, and coworkers. I enjoy your posts and love it when you stop in to chat. You cry with me and cheer me on!

I know some simply ring the doorbell and run, but the comments and returned images tell me many of you do find reasons to hang around and I appreciate you, sincerely, I do. Your smiling faces warm my heart.

Sometimes I just want to share a silky, soft, fuzzy blanket on a cold day. Other times a treasured family recipe for red velvet cake. Maybe a book I have had the pleasure of reading. At times, just a flower from the garden, like this one:

Mexican petunia when it wakes up in the morning.
Mexican petunia when it wakes up in the morning.
The opposite of four o'clocks, it loses its blossoms by mid-afternoon. Reminds me of the old Calgon bath oil commercials.
The opposite of four o’clocks, it loses all of its blossoms by mid-afternoon, and brings forth fresh ones every morning. Reminds me of the old Calgon bath oil commercials.


Then there are those times when I ramble on for paragraphs and pages. Your patience with me is applaudable.

Every morning I sit on my back porch and have breakfast and coffee. I think of the things I am grateful for, and you are always on my mind. You keep filling my cup throughout the day.

Thank you for sticking with me, and for being kind enough to brighten my day with your presence and your words.

Your support and encouragement mean the world to me.

51 thoughts on “Happy to Have You!

    1. Thanks Patrick. I don’t know if what I just finished will ever be worthy of other eyes. It is crime fiction that can’t decide if it wants to be a caper or a serious story. A cross between Charlotte Bronte and Tim Dorsey. However, it was as fun to write as it is painful to read. 😉


    1. Thanks. The book l already have out there or the one I am working on? The one I am working on may never make it to publication. It would be an embarrassment to me to have it read in its current state. I’m going to keep working at it, but I dunno.


    1. Thanks Craig. I just realized it today. I think the last time I noticed it was around 600. Not sure where they all came from. Glad they are here. Hope it’s not a WordPress fluke. Either way, I’m happy to have you all here.


  1. What a nice post. Makes me glad I read yours routinely. I find the variety really good and welcome some of the frivolous stuff. The questions that you ask cause us all to think and that’s a good thing. *Hugs*


  2. Wonderful milestone. Congratulations! You get lots of followers because you have a great site, and you write about the things we’re interested in reading about. And you’re very honest about your writing process. That’s refreshing!


    1. Funny. I was thinking about that statement. I “try” to be honest. I do. I hear all the time on the big writer sites how you are only supposed to be positive and post your achievements and successes on your public blog. There’s just so much real stuff that comes between here and there though. I would feel dishonest not to post about the hard stuff, the really big hurdles that all of us have to learn to jump in life and writing.


    1. It’s a feeling of awe to know that 1000 people might have my material in their reader. I know not everybody can read everything. I sure can’t, but I have made a multitude of friends. Happy to count you among them.


  3. Getting 1000 followers is a great accomplishment – congrats 🙂 The Mexican petunia is fascinating – dropping all its flowers everyday. Would that we could all be so willing to let go of today and sprout fresh and beautiful on the morrow. I’m happy to be part of your community.


    1. I’m happy you’re here too. I think the Mexican petunia is fascinating. Late in the evening, it is covered in buds, preparing to start the new day afresh.


  4. Congratulations! I like your blogs, your thoughts, your creativity; I always look forward to your next piece. By the way, your picture of the Mexican petunias is pretty; I’ve a bed of them on the side of my house — so pretty and cheery! ~Susan xxx


    1. Thank you Susan!I love the Mexican petunia also. I have this one sort of trained to grow in one spot, but they are invasive and will take over. Brightens up the morning though 🙂


      1. Ah….didn’t know they are invasive. They were already in when we bought our our house a year and a half ago. They do need splitting up and transplanting, so knowing they’re an invasive plant, I’ll deal with them accordingly. 😀


      1. 😀 Hi hi!

        Yes, Kel has been super busy – he started a new job – so he’s been a bit slack on posting. He will (hopefully) get around to it soon!

        The sausage making was interesting…

        We didn’t have the correct equipment however we didn’t realise until we had already started so we just had to make do. We ended up making some pure pork mince ones and then some Liverwurst however Kel couldn’t find a good recipe and the one he used was SUPER livery so they are a bit too strong. Plus we made the sausages a bit too fat and they tend to burst when cooked. Oh well. We learned so much though! He’s really keen to try again next time. And again, hopefully he will post a proper follow up of the sausage making one day soon…


  5. Congratulations! I stumbled upon your blog after reading a comment you expressed on another blog. I’m glad I did. I am not one who usually ‘rings the doorbell and runs,’ but sometimes you read something you really like but haven’t the time for more than a ‘like.’ I try not to do that, but confess sometimes I must.

    I like your blog, and look forward to reading future posts by you.


    1. Hi Kate and welcome. I appreciate you coming by. I don’t think CubanCuties or GirlsinCars stuck around to read any of my nonsense, but that’s okay…I don’t miss them. Glad to have you on board though 🙂 I will swing by your blog too. 🙂


  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and the likes. You have a nice homey and comfortable place to visit. I will follow and be back for another visit. Nice to meet you.


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