The End of Racism

I really think this should be Freshly Pressed. The isms are with us and always will be. It doesn’t make it right, just true.

KingMidget's Ramblings

To hear the Republican Party and the right wing tell it, apparently racism is dead in this country.  The scourge has been eliminated and the only reason we still talk about race in this country is because us liberals and President Obama insist on continuing to discuss it.

Hooray!  Racism is dead!  Hooray!  Racism is dead!  Chant it with me.  Racism is dead!  Racism is dead!  Racism is dead!

Okay, maybe not.

I read an article earlier this week that tried to make the argument that racism is just not that big of a deal in this country anymore.  (Unfortunately, I did not save the link and simply don’t remember enough details to find it again.)  One of the examples the writer used to justify his thesis was that Jeff Sessions, who is a conservative Republican Senator from the South invited an African-American gentlemen to speak at the National Prayer…

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