Crime Novel/Murder Mystery Setting

My work in progress is a crime novel/murder mystery. It is set in both Orlando and at a fictional resort I created that was inspired by my family’s resort near Kissimmee, Florida. I posted this link on my Facebook page (there’s a little thingy you can click on to the right over here if you have not joined that club yet, JSYK), I am posting it here also. My apologies if you feel you are being spammed, but we’re a proud bunch.

If you have not seen this already, you may enjoy. Most of my followers know my family has a nudist resort here in Florida. This article Ted Hadley, my cousin, posted on the website, is a good history of the Cove, although my Aunt Pete gave me a slightly different history. I could add more to the story…like how my hometown reacted when I let the cat out of the bag that Uncle Jim had a nudist resort instead of a Standard Oil Company in Florida. It’s a cool article if you’re into history, comes with photographs. Thanks to my artist friend Dave Winarchik for bringing this to my attention.

Jim Hadley was my mother’s mother’s brother.

Check it out!


5 thoughts on “Crime Novel/Murder Mystery Setting

  1. When you refer to your great-uncle’s nudist colony and a murder mystery set in what I’d call the “Southern Gothic” part of Florida, you have an immediate audience. Honestly, you will never run out of material. What characters!

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  2. Funny timing. I just finished writing an entry on “Nudity” for my World of the American Revolution–no resorts though. 🙂 I knew your family had a nudist resort, but I didn’t realize it was still in operation. Interesting!


    1. Just celebrated golden 50th anniversary. There are several in operation in Florida now, the earliest was opened in the 40s. American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) represents more than 260 resorts nationwide, in Canada, Mexico and beyond. Once you are accepted at one you can go to any AANR recognized resort. there are others, but their reputations may be shady.

      It was certainly a revolution for my family to accept Uncle Jim’s participation.


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