8 thoughts on “New Trailer for My GRL (That’s my fiction thriller)

    1. I did run through them once. and get their emails. I sold a few books through them, but no where near as many as Ereader News Today. I may use them again in the future. I had no luck with GoodKindles and only a few sales through Ebook Reader. They are growing though. Thanks for thinking of me. I just got my Kirkus Review and am hoping I can get BookBub to give me a chance.


      1. Sounds like your Kirkus review was good. Congrats. I can’t use a lot of those Ebook listing services because they want the books to be discounted, and my publisher sets the price, not me.


      2. I know Carrie Rubin’s publisher has used some, but she had no control over price or when the sale/promo would start or end.

        Want to hear something funny…took me 7 months and mucho money to get my paperback designed and published through createspace…so far, I have sold one (1) online. That’s right one. I had so many people telling me they wanted it in paperback so finally in November that was accomplished and I have sold one. I have sold several locally through independent bookstores, which I have to purchase, sell and distribute, but only one online. I am not sure I will bother with a paperback next time…or maybe do them at the same time, the eversion and paperback.


      3. I don’t think so. They were still asking me about the paperback once it was published and many were still telling me they were going to get it, but no one did. I don’t push. May not have time to read. Most were nurse friends.


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