Book Giveaway on an Awesome Read That is Currently at Sale Price

I have already told you what a big fan of author Patrick O’Bryon I am.
Corridor of Darkness is one of the best books I have ever read.

Right now he is doing an Amazon Countdown Deal, the book is on sale


There is a Goodreads Giveaway in progress.

You just might win a copy, but why wait!? This price won’t come along often and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

finalfrontGoodreads Book Giveaway

Corridor of Darkness by Patrick W. O'Bryon

Corridor of Darkness

by Patrick W. O’Bryon

Giveaway ends February 28, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

18 thoughts on “Book Giveaway on an Awesome Read That is Currently at Sale Price

    1. I wish I was in the select program. I started to pull off of other platforms last month so I could go select and my husband talked me into not doing it. (He thinks the book will gain readers, but I don’t see how with promos and ads.) I earned a sum total of $58.00 through other platforms last year. Patrick told me how well his countdown was doing. I am amazed. (Not really, cause its a great book.) That’s better than I did my first day through ENT!


      1. I didn’t get around to promo-ing that I was doing this. I just decided to run with it and see what would happen. It’s .99 for one more day. So far, between yesterday and today, I’ve sold 14 at .99.


      2. Does it get shown on a special Countdown deals page of some sort or come up in a search somehow? I haven’t sold a book in February, not one. I was hoping the Goodreads Giveaway would spark some interest. I have been told by others not to expect anything per Goodreads until months down the road. People who have added it to their “to be read” list might pick it up later…it’s delayed gratification. Highly unlikely that you will even get a review from the books you offer. I only did two, but over a hundred have added.


      3. There is a special Kindle Countdown Deals page, but there are a couple thousand books on it at any one time. So, the book gets lost in there. I know that the Countdown has to be done in conjunction with other promotional efforts, but I was just lazy about this. I’m just continuing to learn as I go and storing the lessons away for future books.
        As for Goodreads, there is some truth to there being a long-term benefit, assuming some of those “to be read” people eventually buy the book. But I never saw any noticeable jump in sales and none of the people who won the giveaway posted a review. I did the giveaway for both of my novels. With Weed Therapy, I even got an email from a woman who told me a sob story about how her husband was a disabled vet and she read to him every day and they really wanted to read the book and I’d get two reviews out of it — one from each of them. Never got a review. So, yes, Goodreads Giveaways aren’t really high on my list of favorite promos.


      4. The way I figure every little bit helps. I think romance novels do exceptionally well on Goodreads. That’s what I have heard on Facebook…but I don’t do romance. I would stand at the stadium door and pass out bookmarks every time there was a ballgame if I thought it would help. But I would probably be arrested for littering. I am thinking of going to the library and putting them in all of the history books on the era. LOL


      5. I think my problem is that with my day job, I simply don’t have the time to write and do the promo that i should be doing. So until I get to that magical retirement date, my promotional efforts will be lackluster at best.


      6. It is hard to do both even when you are not working. Some days I just can’t find the time to write and some days I just can’t get going on it. My mind wanders and I can’t stay focused. The computer is time consuming. I can spend an hour surfing and not even realize it.


      7. You’ve just described the nature of my writing life and it’s been that way for far too long. I’ve completely lost the self-discipline necessary to make real and consistent progress on my various writing projects.


      8. I whined about my two star review, but it really was a wake up call with some valuable info. Do I want to be a writer and take this seriously…or do I want to be one of those authors everyone complains about that publishes too early, without fully developing a project. I published before I knew what a blog was. I didn’t have a clue. I have read many books, but they are not as easily written as they are read. I recognize great writing and I know I can do better if I devote myself to it. Do I want to be an amateur hobbyist? Or do I want to get real?


  1. Love the look of this book. I write WWII thrillers too. I have to check this one on Amazon and maybe download. Incidentally if you want to join a good discussion about countdown/kindle KDP programme join the Tom Winton Authors Helping Authors group on Facebook


    1. Thanks for the tip. I know you will enjoy this book. It was based on his father’s experience there. Here is the link to my review if you would like to read it:
      I think that is a nice personal note. The paperback was very professionally done.
      I am not in the select program myself, but thinking seriously about dropping smashwords so I can join. I will look up the Facebook group.


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