Warm Fuzzy

warm fuzzy 001

I wish I could have you feel this soft and silky blanket. My daughter bought it for me for Christmas.  My granddaughter, soon to be four, wrapped herself up in it and said, “Grandmother, this feels like love!”

For all my friends in cold places, grab a soft and silky blankie, wrap up in it and feel the love. I wish I could send you the real thing. Better yet, throw one around someone else and share the love.


26 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzy

      1. It’s easy. I’m teaching an 8 yr old. Crochet goes faster. I finished this blanket in a month though.


      2. Taught myself. You Tube is invaluable. I love the fiber arts. Next to writing it is the best thing I discovered for myself.


    1. Keep it wrapped close today. We are cold, wet and windy down here, so I am sure you all are miserable up there. Supposed to go to Sea World tomorrow, but I don’t think so.


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