Psychiatrist, Writing, Religion, and Dr. Who


Today I had an appointment with my psychiatrist. I only see him for about fifteen minutes every three months. So I told him that I am writing another book and he gave me his blessings. But he did advise me to stop staying up until 2 am writing, so I will be calling it quits at midnight.

He’s Hindu of some sort, an Indian man.

I told him also about the progress with my first book.

So he says to me, “Why don’t you write Christian stuff? My patients bring it in here all the time. It must really sell. Everybody is trying to get in touch with their spirituality. How to be a better Christian. Christian romance, Christian fiction.”

Now I would think he should know me better, so that started a long conversation about why I didn’t feel qualified to interpret the word of God through the Christian belief system, being as I am agnostic and the primary reason I am not Buddhist is because I like to kill stuff….especially stuff before I eat it.

That’s on a spiritual plane, on a physical plane, I have entirely different thoughts. Evolution has some holes in it. I am pretty well convinced that there is a planet out there with the rest of my relatives on it.

I told him more about “Melody of Madness”.

He assured me that with my family history, personal history, and experience in psychiatric and forensic nursing, (I used to work with him) I am highly qualified to write this book.

I told him it was fiction, but he refuses to believe me.

Claudette, one of the main characters, has a relationship with God during her life, so it will have some spiritual undertones, as she was “born again” a few times, and Christianity is explored through the characters and how they lived their lives in that era. She also plays the piano in her church.

I don’t make any claims to know what it is like to believe that Jesus died to save my soul from hell, to cleanse my sins away, or to open the pathway to heaven.

Jesus was a kind, generous, loving individual who was miraculously gifted and deeply disturbed.

25 thoughts on “Psychiatrist, Writing, Religion, and Dr. Who

      1. Working at the local Hummus Hut to earn money for new sandals and complaining that Joseph wouldn’t let him drive the family camel. The phrase ‘you’re not my real dad’ was yelled many times. I’m Jewish, so I’m out of the loop here: what happened to his parents?


      2. Hahaha! I am closer to Jewish in belief but I had mostly Baptist, Methodist upbringing in childhood, and Lutheran as young adult. Not sure, but I think they were there when he died. Maybe I am confused with all the Marys. Being out of the loop might not be a bad thing. I notice whenever people publish posts praising God and Jesus they get like 100 likes. So we won’t win any popularity contests, oh well.


      3. They also get a lot of complaints and comments from atheists these days. It’s a very risky arena if one tries to enter it solely for money/sales. Hence why I’ll stick to my imaginary pantheon.


  1. I have to say that there does some to be a huge market for Christian books. For some reason people think anyone can jump in and write them. It’s been suggested to me once or twice and I’m Jewish. Besides, I’d fill it with sex and violence just to be a jerk. Though, according to some people I’ve already done that.


    1. I don’t think Legends of Windemere would qualify for Christian literature, but its damn good anyway. There are so many versions of Christian, not sure I would want to get embroiled in the controversy. I had someone return a book last night. Not sure why, they have not yet written a scathing review. Maybe I should be glad. Some people can’t stomach hearing about abortions, so that may have had something to so with it, or they just didn’t like it, plain and simple. My husband said it could have been an “accidental” purchase, because he’s done that.


      1. I’ve yet to see a review where the person mentioned returning it. Your husbands is right and some people get it then change their mind the next day. It’s like they’re wandering a bookstore, but in a way that keeps a cashier busy.

        I’m wondering if religious beliefs have something to do with many of the private complaints I’m getting over the last book.


      2. I haven’t yet that one yet, so I can’t speak to it.

        I have seen many bad reviews from people who claim they returned books before finishing them. Not on my book, but others. I’ll try not to worry, but the I do have anxiety d.o.

        It is okay though, maybe they told their friends about it, and they had to go see what all the fuss was, cause I sold some more and got back on the list. Private complaints about character behavior or philosophies in the book?


      3. It’s possible the people who couldn’t finish my book returned it. I never heard and the books are still selling, so I don’t think I should dwell on it.

        I’ve been receiving some interesting private emails in regards to my third book.


      4. Some of my private emails have been “asking” me to come speak at their churches. I tell them I don’t do speaking engagements. My book is open to interpretation.
        What are they saying? If you care to share, just curious.


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