The Rule of 3s

4146570-199711-three-matchesJade Reyner at Jade’s Jungle made a brief post about coincidences this morning and someone commented that these sorts of things tend to run in threes.  I have seen this repeatedly first hand.  What about you?  Are you superstitious at all?

A few days ago, the niece of my first husband sent me a message that her Uncle Kevin Hutto, my former spouse’s brother had died.  We weren’t close like we had been in my youth, but it was still sad.  This is a man I had fond memories of.  He was a fairly young man at 58, and this was unexpected.

Last night, my independent publisher’s daughter at Elderberry Press, sent me an email that her father, David St. John, had died on November 2nd.  They are going to continue the business to keep his legacy alive.  She has worked for her dad for eight years.  They were in the process of notifying everyone.  How tragic.  He was the first non-friend or family member to read my book and discuss it at length with me, giving me the confidence that I needed to proceed with publishing.  He was another fairly young man.

As the Rule of 3s goes, there is yet to be another unexpected death, and I am genuinely concerned.

I don’t think of myself as a very superstitious person, usually. I have a science degree.

I have seen, though, in my Nursing career, this Rule of 3s in action, over and over.

It happens with coincidences.  It happens with deaths.  It happens with chance meetings of old friends.  It happens with clairvoyant dreams. It also seems to happen with accidents.  Things out of the ordinary tend to occur in threes.

Can you think of anytime where the Rule of 3s brought superstition into your life?

What about deaths? Have you noticed that these tend to occur in threes?

28 thoughts on “The Rule of 3s

  1. Oh yes, I have experienced the 3 rule enough to know it is real. My wife and I both had the 3 rule apply to deaths this past summer, 3 on my side, 3 on hers in the span of 4-5 weeks. *sigh* Hug everyone you know, just in case.


    1. I guess in my mind, three that happen in close time of each other, say three within a week, seems strange.

      What is scary is when two people who died unexpectedly shared mutual acquaintances with me. I wonder if I might be next.


      1. Scary to leave my loved ones. I have to say,I have had such a fantastic experience learning in this life, I look forward to the next one. I wonder how I will have evolved?


  2. I know of the rule of 3, but I don’t remember it happening to me. Nasty habit of losing people on or within 2-3 days of holidays and special events though. Usually Thanksgiving or things that deal with me.


    1. Sorry it hits your Holidays. Happened at the hospitals and nursing homes I worked in. We might have no deaths for months, then bam, bam, bam, three in a row, within a week of each other. Weird…like full moon stuff. That Always affects patient behavior and baby births.


      1. That is weird. Do you think the death of one might have prompted the other two? Not sure how to exactly explain what I’m thinking. I guess the first one dies and one on the edge hears of it, so figures it’s okay to let go since someone else was brave enough to do it.


      2. Could be. Spiritually I suppose that could occur in the hospital or nursing home setting, where there is a commotion when these things occur.

        When I first got into Nursing, it worried me so that I honestly believed I had an evil co-worker.


      3. Probably not. People don’t usually die as easily as TV makes it look like they do. They have thirty minutes to 2 hours to pull everything off. I only know of a couple of real cases of Angel of Death stories. One was that serial killer guy in new England who used Digoxin for mercy killings, and the other was a nurse in California who had a psychotic episode that lasted for weeks. Really sad that these are true.


      4. I think you are right about the suffering thing. I have a true nursing story in my short story categories called “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Funeral” describing an incident that occurred with a Hospice case. There is a distinction and sometimes a fine line between allowing someone to die with dignity & mercy and a mercy killing. Euthanasia is much more widely accepted in other cultures.


      5. Never thought of that. Our culture seems really scared of death and I’ve met people that let loved ones live as vegetables for years. Personally, I wouldn’t do that, but everyone has their own opinion on it.


  3. I think the rule of three is a version of the Wicca Law of Three… this is a universal number in Wicca from what I understand…


    1. I find witchcraft an interesting topic.Supposedly, one of my ancestors in Scotland was condemned to death during the Christian Crusades. My cousin has all of our genealogy going back to the 1500s. Wicca came well before religions like Christianity.

      In Christianity it is associated with the triune God: God in three images, God the father, son, and holy spirit. I am not religious, but I do believe in the spiritual presence of man. I have God of my understanding. Thanks for the comment. Interesting stuff. I will look up the Wicca Law of Three.


  4. It would be a nice change to just make it 2 this time. 🙂

    I was selling t.v.’s years ago (paying my way through school), when someone asked for some crazy kind of t.v. we’d never carried before. A couple of hours later I got the same question again from someone else, then once more at the end of the day. The third time, I said I would go check in the stock room, as I started thinking, if this many people want it, maybe we did start carrying it and they know it from an advertisement. I found that we did have the t.v. in stock and sold it. After that day, I never saw that t.v. again, and nobody ever asked about it again. I wonder if I was on some crazy t.v. show and never learned about it…


    1. That’s like something out of the Twilight Zone. Ha! Could have been advertised somewhere, I suppose. Doesn’t seem like something like that would occur just by chance. did you have more than one? You could have sold three! Candid Camera has you in their files somewhere 🙂


  5. I am INCREDIBLY superstitious. With next week’s impending Friday the 13th I’m not getting out of bed, going to work, using anything sharp or eating anything hot. the last FT13th got me really good, not this time!! Bad things happen in threes and I’ve had stroke of bad luck lately. Deaths also happen in threes I’ve noticed. ~Gina


    1. You do have it bad for Friday the 13th. I didn’t even think about Friday the 13th coming up! You may have to stay home 🙂 Did you plan a vacation day? And it ends in 3.


      1. I’ve already told everyone at work i’m not coming in that day, i’m going to be sick, I’ll work from home. They think i’m joking…i am not. And then I have to hostess that night too. I’m not going to wipe down any tables in fear i’ll knock over a salt shaker again. Last FT13 i knocked over TWO salt shakers AND threw salt over the wrong shoulder. I went right when I should have went left.


      2. Thanks, I’m going to try!! 2013 had NOTbeen a good year for me, i’m very patiently waiting for 2014 to arrive. 2014 cannot come soon enough!!!


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