The Paperbook Collective

A great new magazine, The Paperback Collective, where author and friend, John W. Howell, has been showcased in a collection of stories.


Recently good friend and fellow blogger John W. Howell had a short story published in an online zine, The Paperbook Collective.  (Okay, it was back in August, but at my age, it feels just like yesterday.) I was intrigued by the old-fashioned typeface used in the zine and the seemingly quirky personality of its creator (she made a Christmas out of books).  So I decided to purchase a copy of the issue.  Here’s what I got in the mail, all the way from Australia.

I encourage all my readers to immediately head over to The Paperback Collective and start perusing the past and current issues.  Even better, click here and purchase hard copies of The Paperbook Collective and support Jayde Ashe in her effort to publish good writing and art work.

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