“Why Your Grandma Wants an Ereader for Christmas.”

older-people-e-readers-tabletsI subscribe to Anne R. Allen’s blogspot blog.  She is always entertaining and I like her perspective.

Today she made an interesting post about ereaders and the boomer generation.  The comments by others also interested me.


Having a paperback book coming out soon, to compliment an eversion, I found the comments reinforced my thoughts on the technology angle and some individuals, young and old alike.

I read another news article today that says one in three readers over age 55 use ereaders.

I have an ereader and read most all of my books on it.  There will; however, always be a place in my hands heart for the paper bound book.

8 thoughts on ““Why Your Grandma Wants an Ereader for Christmas.”

  1. I have TWO ereaders plus my iPad. And got my first ereader a little over three years ago. I never thought I could give up holding a book. But now I won’t read unless it is electronic. I do still love to go to libraries and bookstores to touch and smell the books.


    1. I know you are very tech savvy about all electronics. I miss Border’s Book Store. It has gone out of business here in Orlando. I used to go in and get coffee, pick out a book, and sit and read while listening to soft jazz being played by a local band. I miss the whole ambiance. I agree though, the ereader has become my best friend.


      1. I take my Nook to Barnes & Noble when I go. I agree just sitting in a bookstore calms and relaxes me.

        Yeah, I’m tech savvy. I think I’m a little abnormal for someone my age. (More than just my regular abnormalities!)


  2. I never thought I’d love my Kindle so much–but it just makes reading in bed after I’ve taken out my contacts so much easier. I have to kind of squint at books–although I still buy books and love them. I love browsing in the library, but I haven’t done that so much since I’ve been reading mainly on my Kindle.


    1. I have gotten attached to my iPad for the same reasons. I can lay in bed and read with the lights off. I have a Kindle app, so I can get books on Amazon. I love that I can increase the font size, as my sight is changing. I went into driving glasses a few years ago. I have to use them now to see the TV. My eye doc wanted me to go into bifocals and I am highly resisting.


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