Thankful For Passing Traditions

scrooge-mcduck-thanksgiving-dinnerThis is the first time, since I can’t remember when, that I have not had the Thanksgiving Holiday dinner at my home for family and friends.  The kids came home when they could, and home was where mama was.  Sometimes, the kids couldn’t come, or one or two would be missing, I still made the Holiday dinner at my house.  Even when I ate alone, I made the traditional dinner.  As they matured, especially my daughter, they began to contribute to the meal.  Once, my daughter made the entire dinner, but brought it to my home.

Tomorrow we are doing something different.  My daughter is making and serving dinner at her house.  That’s new.  At first, I was a bit unsure.  It was like a part of me was missing.  Tonight, as I relax and think about tomorrow, I find that nothing is missing.  This is something that I could easily get comfortable with.  There has been no busy preparation on my part.  I’ll go over tomorrow at dinnertime and I’ll come home whenever.  My husband will be out of town with his son, so I’ll bring them a plate.  No stress.

Gratitude is something that I feel every morning when I wake up. I usually go out on the porch to have my coffee and meditate over breakfast.  I thank God every day for all the many blessings that we have received.  Tonight, I am thankful for passing on traditions, and creating new ones.  I am thankful I have a daughter and I am thankful that she has a family.  I am thankful to be a part of her family.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

For my friends who don’t celebrate,

Have a Happy Day!

19 thoughts on “Thankful For Passing Traditions

  1. Happy Thanksgiving with a new tradition. We all move on, right? It will be wonderful. Relax and enjoy. You know, if you feel a little lost, next time you might bring something: a pie, a salad, something but nothing big. You’re the Mom and your daughter is stretching her wings. 😀


  2. I can relate to the line: “My daughter is making and serving dinner at her house.” For decades Thanksgiving dinner was at our house, 20 or so around the old oak table + little kids at a smaller table. Now everyone is BIGGER, and so we don’t fit. Crista has dinner for 20 at her house, but I will miss the aroma of turkey. We still sing the Doxology together no matter where we are. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you too.


  3. Hope you have/had a wonderful time with your family. My sister used to have Thanksgiving at her house, for years of course, but now she goes to her son’s house. I know she doesn’t miss all the work she used to do, but it is bittersweet to see the responsibility shifted to the next generation. From my mother to her, and now to her son, and so it goes. By the way, your new template is so awesome! I really love it 🙂


    1. So true. I rather enjoyed it. Having the sense of tradition being passed on and less work to do.

      Thank you for commenting positively on my new theme. I was writing this post about personality disorder and how I came to choose this theme and why. I haven’t been properly diagnosed, but I don’t doubt that I have it one. There are some things about this theme I love, like the serenity of it, but some things I can’t stand, like no dates anywhere. I am trying it out for a while though.


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