Sunday Synopsis

I have been in a funk all week.  Really, it has been about a month and while I know the two primary causes for most of this lowness in my life, I haven’t been able to resolve them to my satisfaction, so I remain in a funk.

This week, I am going into a saltwater sensory deprivation chamber.  Not because of the funk…with that, I am sort of already there.  There is a company called Total Zen Float here in Orlando.  From what I have learned, “floating” is the “in” thing.  Now, I know what’s “in” is “out”, so they say, but this is new to me, so it’s “in”.  I know that sensory deprivation doesn’t sound exciting, but it is relaxing and as busy as I have been this past month (mostly spinning my wheels, I’ll add) I need relaxing.  My daughter wanted to give me an interesting and different birthday present so she is giving me hours “floating”.  It’s right up there with Migun bed, hot yoga, and salt cave.  Not as mundane as massage, pedicure and manicure.  So I have this new experience to look forward to enjoying.

I have always been a, “Try anything once,” thrill seeker…I have just gotten too old for some of the more actively exciting stuff.  I used to float on my back and gaze at the stars for hours in the pool at Cypress Cove.  The pool guy would come by and check on me every thirty minutes, or so, just to make sure I was okay because I floated still (and nude) on my back for hours staring at the stars, and contemplating the greater aspects of the universe.  Here, there are not even any stars:

I am no longer doing Sunday Summations, because it was becoming a chore and I hate chores.  Life is too short.  I want it all to be fun.  That’s why I retired early, to have fun while I still could.

I love writing, and I have been doing a lot of writing but not on my blog or the CSB.  Also, I have put my WIP on hold.  I am not abandoning it.  I have this story that has been in my head a very long many years.  I want to execute it properly, but first, I need to pound it out…just rough out the story and stop trying to make it fit into a box.  That’s the only way I can explain it. I’ll do it at my own pace, even if it takes me years. No pressure.

I hope you had a terrific weekend and your work week is even finer if you work, and is as productive or nonproductive as you desire if you don’t.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Synopsis

  1. Welcome to my world … in a lot of ways and most likely for completely different reasons, I could have written the same themes.


      1. Me too..and a general feeling of all is not right in the world. I am happy. I am not depressed. There is someone totally unrelated to me who is causing trouble for me and people I care about and he is totally oblivious to what he is doing…not because he is mean, but because he is ignorant. I can’t fix that. So I am at a loss.

        The other has to do with my writing. I have a story. I have tried telling it in first and third person. I have tried another POV, and I have tried developing new characters to get a different angle on the story. The story is there, but I want it executed correctly, and I am trying to make it fit in a certain genre box that i have never written in. I may have the wrong box. The box it might belong in is psycho thriller, and I have been trying to make it fit in the crime novel box. Maybe it doesn’t need a box at all, but it is easier to market in a box.


      2. I have decided to just write out what is in my head. I started this piece in 1998. I keep coming back to it. So it must be important. My husband, who reads crime novels, loves the story (the part that is written), and has been most encouraging, but it is the roughest of drafts and only 30,000 words. Well, 45,000 now if you count my 15,000 word rewrite attempt…but it’s not right, and I think I just need to stop…set it aside, and start over with the original story until it is complete…the way it is in my mind.


  2. Sometimes I’ve found I just need to take a break from writing something, and let the thoughts somehow percolate in my brain. Sorry about your funk! I hope your floating is relaxing and restorative–and I’m sure it will be since it’s something you love. (It would be a nightmare for me, and it makes me think of sci-fi things I’ve seen. 🙂


    1. Percolate…that’s a good word for it. That’s what I need to do.
      The floating, I know I will enjoy. The total darkness, that feeling when they close the door and I am alone with myself…I dunno, seems claustrophobic. I don’t know that I am going to like that part. Probably just sleep, that is, if I feel like I can breath okay.


  3. Hope you get out of this funk but have a funky time afterwards.
    I agree, let the story simmer if you’re stuck. Have you considered changing whatever POV you’re writing in might give you another prospective and get you zooming along? 😉


    1. Getting this current paperback out will most likely improve my general disposition.

      I have changed from first person to third and from one POV to two other POVs, and created new characters to get a different angle on the story. I have been trying to fit it in a box it just may not belong it.

      So I am tossing the box. I am letting it simmer a while, then I am just writing the story as it is in my mind, and will worry about packaging later.


  4. I know exactly how you feel Susan or at least a close approximation, when features start to become chores it definitely stretches you thin. Also can relate to the WIP, hehehe. I hope thought you get through it all! 🙂


      1. Okay. I just figured out that I can put my categories at the bottom, I guess the most commonly used ones show up in that bar. Still don’t know how to delete item from menu bar, will take a look.


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