Progress with Createspace

I got another digital proof from CreateSpace yesterday.  I am not totally satisfied with it.

Someone thought it would be cute to put semicolons between the Chapter numbers and the Chapter Headings in the Table of Contents (not something I had asked for and it looks a bit absurd.).

There is also a huge space between the first two paragraphs of the Conclusion Chapter (an issue I thought we had resolved in a previous exchange).

Ebook Jpg (2)The handwritten letter font size was increased so that it is now readable (that is quite an accomplishment considering how many times we have been back and forth about that).

All of the text edits are completed.

Everything else looks great.

They won’t be charging me for the errors that they need to correct and they have pushed me up in queue so that we can get these things corrected before my Birthday on November 15th, so I am looking forward to that as a most lovely gift !

We are finally getting somewhere!logo-csp-no-tm

28 thoughts on “Progress with Createspace

      1. Do you self publish by doing your own formatting, translation errors and all of that? With Scrivener, I can do that, and make my own eBooks in Mobi and ePUb, as well as doing the word docs, pdfs or whatever. I have been thinking about it. Would save a ton of money cutting out the middleman. i don’t like that my independent publisher gets so much of my royalties from sites other than Amazon. If I could self publish to smashwords and Amazon, I wouldn’t need him.


      2. I self-publish through Amazon. Costs me nothing, but it means all the editing is on me. Smashwords is the same. My first book was done through a Vanity Press/P.o.D. publisher. I went on my own for Legends of Windemere.


      3. I still have to do all of my editing. i just worry about translation errors not using a mac, esp on the Apple site that smashwords send to. I hate reading books with formatting and translation errors and wanted the best product I could provide, so I opted for the independent publisher…so I could blame him if anything went wrong and make him fix it. Probably a waste of money.


      4. You know, when the word Charles comes out looking like C7har#es everywhere it is printed. Or all of the words with n in them have the n replaced by p. My husband has them all of the time even in traditionally published works.


  1. I know your frustration. Createspace worked like a charm through my first print proof. I detected a few minor spacing errors between words and uploaded the novel once again, only to wait twenty-four hours to hear back that the file was “corrupted” and to please upload again. Strange, since the file was identical other than a few extra spaces added in. So I upload once again, and this morning get the message that the book is accepted by the review people, and inviting me to use the digital proofer and/or download a PDF version. Well, guess what? The digital proofer, which has worked like a charm before, won’t download my book (tells me it can’t do so and suggests a PDF download), and the PDF download goes over an hour without success, just spins its wheels incessantly. I tried waiting another hour using Windows rather than Chrome. Same lack of results. So I called Createspace and was told they couldn’t fix the problem, but did offer to expedite a new print copy. Ouch! That’ll teach me not to announce a book release until I’m sure of satisfaction with the printed result. Don’t dare put it up for sale until I know what I’m okaying, since there seem to be some current snafus with production line! Sorry, just had to unburden myself, but thought the other authors out there should be forewarned to give themselves a little leeway before announcing a launch, even if it’s just a matter of a few very minor punctuation changes. And now that I’m done with that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


    1. I think createspace has gotten to big for what it can handle. Many early users found it to be quite friendly, but it has gotten overburdened, it seems. I had to go to Foxfire to deal with them. Kept getting a blue box telling me the files couldn’t be downloaded and it would not go away. Once it kept trying to load for 12 hours and was all hung up and I couldn’t even get it to release so I could try something else. Had to call customer service. I had been using chrome. So now, I do all of my business with them through the Foxfire browser and have had much success.


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