Blog Culture: Sunday Summations


Sunday Summations

I am trying to get a better handle on scheduling on this blog, and I would also like to highlight some blogs that I have become acquainted with so you get to know them too.  Sunday summations should be a regular feature as I examine my week and my goals.  Future Sunday Summations will probably be much shorter.

Summing up my weekly happenings:

1. Structure:  How I am attempting to stay organized.

  • I have created some drop down menus on this blog to better organize and lesson the length of the menu.  The subtitles should make things pertinent to the titles easier to find.
  •  I have completed the settings posts for Red Clay and Roses, the novel, and those can now be found under the menu title of the novel.  I may divide out the feature posts as well.  These settings and features are designed for fans to find more info on the book.
  • It is a goal to have a new posts added to each menu title or a subtitle weekly.
  • I may be adding other menu titles as new subjects develop.  I would really like to have a humor post at least once weekly…sometimes I can be funny, even if I am laughing at myself in the process.  I try not to laugh at the expense of others, but sometimes that happens too.

2. People: Cruising my Reader, and getting to know more and more WordPress family and friends, I have collected some blogs that are of significance to me for one reason or another. They are from a variety of interests and I am sure some of you will find them interesting, as well.  Check these folk out!  They are really cool!  I have categorized what I could. These categories are subject to change weekly.

  • Book reviews:

  • Queen of all things Books: Ionia Martin’s Readful Things. (Many sneak peeks with advance reader copies.)
  •  An all genre serious reviewer: Rosie Amber at Rosie Amber
  •  Master of Collectables: Julian Froment at Julian Froment’s Blog
  • Music:

  •  A lovely Soprano with a beautiful voice & 150,957 followers: Charlotte Hoather
  • Writers writing:

  • A lady with a sense of humor about her serious writing efforts: Katie Sparkes at Disregard the Prologue.
  • Wonderful poetry and short stories: Helen Midgley
  • New author with a new blog and a newly published book: Dean Kealy at Dean’z Worldz
  • Math & Science:

  • Fascinating and artistically colorful geometry for the fun of it: Robert Austin at Robert Loves Pi (Prepare to be dazzled.)
  • Scientist, deep thinker, and poet: Erik Andrulis at Anacephalaeosis
  • Useful Information for writers, authors & bloggers

  • Everything about Publishing and Marketing: Chris McMullen at Chris McMullen
  • Promotional Event for all authors, readers and gift givers.  Get signed up.  This is going to be HUGE!: Chris McMullen at Read Tuesday
  • New feature on blog “How to on WordPress” videos: Bradley Corbett at Green Embers (He takes requests BTW)
  • Guidance on writing techniques regardless of your genre: Victoria Grefer at Creative Writing with the Crimson League
  • Humor:

  • My kind of off the wall funny stuff: Rob Pop at Humans Are Weird (He always makes the time to return comments, and can often be even funnier when he does.)

Gosh!  So many creative geniuses…I could go on forever, but there will be other days!

3.   Process:  Just an update on my own personal progress this week:

  • With the help of blogger friends and readers in my reading and critique group, I decided on a prologue for my first book in this yet to be titled work and series.
  • There are now four beta readers for my new WIP (not counting my husband).
  • I got 12 bookstores lined up to buy copies of Red Clay and Roses when the paperback is live.
  • We are almost there with the paperback at CreateSpace.  It has been an interesting but sometimes frustrating journey.
  • My new bookmarks came in this week.  I think they are much more professional and not so microsofty as my last bookmarks.  My former ones were created by my publisher.  I would highly recommend having your bookmark image created by your cover image artist.  They can work wonders with graphics.  Thanks to Charles Yallowitz’s idea at Legends of Windemere, the QR codes are a great way to advertise without looking so much like an ad and they give me opportunity to make immediate sells on my smartphone without carrying around a pile of books.
  • New Bookmarks
    New Bookmarks
Old Bookmarks
Old Bookmarks

Sorry my formatting really sucked on this post.  I have yet to conquer formatting, which is why I have an independent publisher prepare my books 🙂

37 thoughts on “Blog Culture: Sunday Summations

      1. Eh… it’s an HTML thing. It would be better to find some sort of HTML writer than Word. HTML has limitations that word processors don’t.

        (Trust me though when I say I totally understand your frustrations.)


      2. So I did it when I got home and there I was, and Charles a bit below. I have a theory that Google includes stuff from your google plus contacts… in your searches when relevant. (That’s the theory anyway, lol)


    1. Thanks! I am really starting to get hyped about it now as it gets closer. It has been a lot of hard work to get this all accomplished. Many, many phone calls and emails.


  1. Good luck with all you are doing! You seem very organized to me. Thanks for the list of blogs you enjoy. I definitely plan to check them out. Right now, I am so behind on reading all the ones I do follow–including yours! 😉


    1. I love that he has his treats animated. It really brings math to life. So much about art involves math. I paint in watercolors and oils. Art is far more left brained than most people realize.


  2. Thank for the mention! I’m in great company there. And congratulations on the bookstores, that’s huge!

    The new bookmarks look fantastic. Much more professional, I think. 🙂


    1. There you are! Yes. I have friends always looking for more friends. Especially serious writers with a good sense of humor.

      Thanks about the bookmarks, and the bookstores. I am excited about the paperback. I wanted it ready by my birthday on Nov. 15th, but it looks like it may take a while longer 😦

      I am still thinking of your naughty fox and how cute that story was :). He should have his own book.


      1. Haha, yeah. His presence is gone, but the smell lingers on… 😉

        I wanted to have a book out for my birthday, but it’s going to be late spring. The best laid plans and all of that, right? I’m sure it will all be worth the wait when you hold that lovely, perfect paperback in your hands!


    1. Thanks. I think they look so much more professional than the old ones. I wish I had known that my cover artist could design me a bookmark so affordably before I had my first ones made.


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