Brighter Cover Image

With my brighter book blurb, I felt I needed to go with a brighter book cover image, so I talked with my cover image guy at create-imaginations (Paul in the UK-check out his new page) today and this is what we came up with.

After seeing my proof copy and finding it to be quite dark, I felt a need to brighten both the title and the statue image.

New cover, brighter
New cover, brighter
old cover-darker
old cover-darker

The old cover looked really dark in actual print (almost black rather than blue), it did make the title more difficult to see, and the whole image had a more despondent feel to it.

So what do you think?

25 thoughts on “Brighter Cover Image

  1. It depends on the tone of your book. If it is dark and despondent, keep what you have, but if you want a brighter image that entices, go with the newerversion. It looks more inviting, 3-dimensional. But you are the ultimate judge, SK.


    1. When I got my paperback proof print, I was a bit discouraged because it truly look even darker in print than it does online, almost as if it is black with just a hint of gray. It made the title and the cherub look hidden, far more mysterious than I was going for. I want to cover to acknowledge sadness but not total despondency.


  2. Brighter is generally better; it just stands out better in the thumbnail (and print always comes out darker). It may be a challenge for a subject like horror, but I’ve even seen brightness used effectively there (at least, in part). There are some nice covers at that site. 🙂


    1. I am hoping you didn’t think horror when you saw my cover…. I went down that road with some FB ladies….lol We finally decided sad but not horrific, which is desirable : ). Paul had had a couple of the books he has covered go Hollywood movie. He is good. Especially at his price.


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