“Red Clay and Roses” Revised and edited eversion available!

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New eversion with edits offered on “Red Clay and Roses”.  After reading the book in print in preparation for the upcoming paperback, I have updated the Kindle version.  The smashwords version will be updated soon as well.  It is easy to update if you have already purchased the book.

Just go to Amazon customer service chat box and let them know that an author has updated a book that you already own.  They will direct you to delete the book and they will automatically update.  It just takes a few seconds.

My apologies to those who have already purchased the book.  The update offers some revisions to phrases and some minor edits that made the book a better read, IMHO.

It is quite a challenge to cover such a long time period in one book, but you will find the update makes the flow much easier to follow.  It wasn’t difficult to begin with, just needed tweaking.

Thank you for your patience with me.

8 thoughts on ““Red Clay and Roses” Revised and edited eversion available!

  1. Ah S.K. that annoying little habit of reading the finally published piece and finding things that could have been better worded. I still go through it a year later thus I haven’t read the first book for a while. Fortunately with epublishing changes can be made but I have so many hard copies out there. That’s why this second book is undergoing closer scrutiny although I suspect I will always find something. It sounds like we’re on much the same journey…thanks for the ‘like’ & ‘follow’!!!!


  2. I’m in the same place as you, only a few months behind — I have every intention of re-releasing my book with a few updates, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. You’ll have to keep us posted on how it goes, and if there’s any sort of negative reader response. Hopefully not. There’s nothing wrong with trying to make a book better!


    1. Thanks for sharing your position. I feel the same way. I published before I had a blog and I have learned so very much from my wordpress family and friends. I could not help but feel that there were some minor changes that I could make to create a better product.


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